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Motz’s Burgers

December 18th, 2011 by Erik Chudy

awesome buildingSo I just spent a few days in Detroit, and while I typically try to line up several meals when I go to a new city, I knew that I would be very busy with work and somewhat at the mercy of my coworkers. I kind of poked around to ask a few people online as well as a few coworkers in Detroit, and even got a few suggestions but didn’t really get to research them ahead of time. My coworker in Vegas sent me a link to a total dive place called Motz’s Burgers a week before we left and even printed a map to it, but still didn’t really plan on going there at any point. Just as predicted the trip was jam packed and extremely busy, but I did manage to squeeze out one amazing burger for breakfast on the way to the airport my last morning, and that place happened to be the one he printed. continue reading »

Wild Game Sliders

August 15th, 2011 by Erik Chudy

wild game slidersSince this site is still fairly new, I don’t want to stray from my burger reviews with so many places in town yet to try, but I feel compelled to talk about an interesting meal I had last week.  My girlfriend and I wanted to try something different for dinner, and I quickly remembered hearing about the wild game sliders that they serve over at the Chicago Brewing Company. One thing I like almost as much as burgers is trying weird and new foods, this promised to do just that.

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