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Hamburguesería Kiosko (Barcelona, Spain)

June 24th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

Barcelona (27)Well hello strangers, sorry it’s been so long! I just got back from a three month tour across much of Europe, and I have quite a few burgers to report on! Initially I wasn’t quite sure of how many burgers we would actually be able to eat while surrounded by so much other great food, but after a while we got a craving for a good old burger and my old ways took over. The first European burger comes to you from a restaurant called Hamburguesería Kiosko located in Barcelona. After a bit of research one afternoon, I quickly determined that Kiosko was one of the favorites around town so we decided to make that our sample of what Barcelona had to offer for the burger scene. We had already seen burgers on the menus of several tapas restaurants throughout Madrid and Sevilla, so we were well aware that Spain was slowly embracing the burger scene, but the couple I tried weren’t even worth mentioning. Could Barcelona handle them better? continue reading »

Wine 5 Café

October 29th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

look at those grill marks!In my quest for obscure, off-the-strip locations, along comes a recommendation from a former colleague to try out a no-name place by the name of Wine 5 Café. He described it as a Kenyan/American fusion restaurant, and claimed an amazing burger and ‘transcendent’ chili fries. It’s a bit far from where I make my rounds these days, but a recent commitment brought me towards the north-west part of town and I finally made my visit. Was it as good as he claimed? continue reading »