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Andiron Steak and Sea

January 19th, 2016 by Benjamin Billings

As downtown Summerlin area continues to expand they boast more and more dining options.  Andiron Steak and Sea is a high end steak house that also serves a Wagyu burger.  Should you give it a try?  Let me tell you what I think. continue reading »

MTO Café

April 9th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

looks goodIn my last review, I declared the burger at Pizza Rock the best in the downtown area, although I had not yet eaten all of them in the vicinity. I’ve eaten almost all of the notable burgers along Fremont St and the surrounding areas, but haven’t yet made my way over to MTO Café until now. MTO is a newer restaurant serving an area of downtown that doesn’t have much of a selection. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about this place both online and through some fans, so was this an unfair, premature statement? continue reading »

Roxy’s Diner

July 9th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

looks okBusy with work and summer trips, my opportunities to knock off burgers on my to-do list have been limited lately, hence the infrequent posts. And because of this I have been forced to do some less than ideal locations based on proximity to my office and random opportunities. This leads us directly to our next adventure at Roxy’s Diner inside the Stratosphere; a property certainly not known for fine dining by any locals or pretty much anyone that’s interested in good food despite one of the Yelp ‘reviews’ claiming that the Stratosphere has “the best food options on the strip”. Laughable indeed, just as much as this meal.  continue reading »

American Burger Works (ABX) (CLOSED)

June 14th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

boring!I tend to kill the surprise and hesitate to write any sort of lengthy review when I eat a burger that sucks, and this is probably going to be no exception. Finding myself on the south end of the strip with an hour to kill in between meetings the other day, I went to my phone to check for anything nearby that might be new and different. Sadly the only thing close by was American Burger Works at the lovely Excalibur, as I had been to pretty much everything else directly around me. No cliffhanger here, but read on if you want to know why it sucked so badly. continue reading »

Cheeburger Cheeburger

April 18th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

looks okThere have been many times when I knew right away that I was in love with a burger, but rarely have I disliked one instantly. That is until now of course, in the case of Cheeburger Cheeburger. I actually stated “I hate this bun” as soon as I swallowed my first bite, and it only went downhill from there. Read on if you dare. continue reading »

All-American Bar & Grille

March 27th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

big plateAfter living in Vegas for over 8 years now I’ve eaten quite a few burgers all over town, but since starting this blog I’ve had to look at many of them in a whole new light. One burger I’ve eaten many times is the one at All-American Bar & Grille at the Rio because I used to work down the street. I remembered it being decent, but how does it hold up now that I’m being completely subjective? continue reading »