Emerald Island Casino Grill

October 31st, 2017 by Jason Fishman

This little hole in the wall casino, Emerald Island, in Downtown Henderson, right off of Water Street has a 24 hour diner with surprisingly nice decor, and tons of food specials. Their late night (11pm-6am) specials include a half-pound double cheeseburger. Being a burger connoisseur, I thought I should try their special… and at 6.49 including fries and a drink, you can’t beat the price (8.99 when it is not the middle of the night). continue reading »

Umami Burger

October 28th, 2016 by Benjamin Billings

In 2012 GQ announced that Umami Burger made the burger of the year. Unfortunately for us the closest location was in L.A. All of that change when the SLS arrived on the north end of the strip, bringing with it the much heralded Umami Burger. What is all the buzz about? Here is what I found. continue reading »

Hamburguesería Kiosko (Barcelona, Spain)

June 24th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

Barcelona (27)Well hello strangers, sorry it’s been so long! I just got back from a three month tour across much of Europe, and I have quite a few burgers to report on! Initially I wasn’t quite sure of how many burgers we would actually be able to eat while surrounded by so much other great food, but after a while we got a craving for a good old burger and my old ways took over. The first European burger comes to you from a restaurant called Hamburguesería Kiosko located in Barcelona. After a bit of research one afternoon, I quickly determined that Kiosko was one of the favorites around town so we decided to make that our sample of what Barcelona had to offer for the burger scene. We had already seen burgers on the menus of several tapas restaurants throughout Madrid and Sevilla, so we were well aware that Spain was slowly embracing the burger scene, but the couple I tried weren’t even worth mentioning. Could Barcelona handle them better? continue reading »

Hennessey’s Tavern

January 8th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

looks okThis week I’m going to skip covering some of the newly-opened restaurants in town to deal with another place that boldly advertises its burger as “voted best burger in Las Vegas” on a colorful banner right on the corner of Fremont Street and Las Vegas Blvd. I’m definitely not aware of everything going on in town burger-wise, but by being the self-titled ‘burger guy’ for Vegas I’m fairly aware of most contests that would elect such a title. So when my coworker pointed out one day that Hennessey’s Tavern had such a banner on their patio, I just had to look into this. I’ve had a couple folks suggest their burgers over the years, but it just hasn’t been a priority with so many more popular and generally accepted places to try. But being a glutton for punishment and fulfilling my self-induced duties, I headed over to see if they could offer a contender for the best burger in town. continue reading »

Embers (CLOSED)

August 2nd, 2013 by Erik Chudy

looks prettyI’ll keep this one short and sweet, as there isn’t a whole lot to report. I’ve had a handful of people I don’t know suggest I check out Embers in Summerlin, and despite my skepticism I finally made my way there to check it out. Amidst an embarrassing display of the worst of the worst Summerlin floozies I could possibly see, including a girl with a Pink fleece jacket and matching Pink fleece short shorts and several other seemingly miserable pairs of women drinking wine at 11am on a Saturday, I braved this scene to try their burger. I haven’t really heard much buzz about this place around town ever, so I assumed what I would be getting matched the clientele around me. continue reading »

Citizens Kitchen and Bar

July 19th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

argh waffle fries!Other than a small handful of places I probably need to try, I feel like I’ve probably experienced most of the decent burgers in town at this point and am starting to fish for restaurants that serve an ok burger. Such is the case with Citizens Kitchen & Bar that recently opened in Mandalay Bay. No one has suggested I try their burger, but it’s a venue that pushes their comfort food, and what speaks more to that than a burger? Plus, with the rapidly declining quality of Burger Bar, Mandalay is in desperate need of a good burger. So could this be it? continue reading »

Park on Fremont

May 2nd, 2013 by Erik Chudy

nice presentationI really love everything that’s going on around East Fremont; with all of the new bars and restaurants the scene is really coming together. But along with all those new venues comes droves of hipsters almost as intolerable to me as the droves of tourists on the Strip, so I tend to visit this area during the day for lunch and weeknights. My impatience aside, the downtown area needs great food to go with its great bars, so I was very excited to hear that the new Park on Fremont was going to be serving more than just snacks. Billed as a gastro-pub, this recently abused word suggests a fancy array of snacks and main dishes to go along with a large drink menu. But can this suggestion truly become a reality? continue reading »