Ketchup Premium Burger Bar

January 28th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

looks dull!I have a handful of potentially decent places on my to-do list right now, but it’s starting to get very thin as I’ve tackled most of the noteworthy restaurants around town at this point. Even with a few new joints opening in the next couple months, we’ve had several long standing burger restaurants close down lately and the trend seems to be slightly fading to pizza and other things. That didn’t stop Planet Hollywood from opening up a new one though, a quietly announced spot called Ketchup Premium Burger Bar. Luckily the space is located right at the entry from the parking garage, saving you from having to walk through their dreaded mall. Still, is it even worth a trip to this tourist trap property? continue reading »

Stewart + Ogden

January 2nd, 2014 by Erik Chudy

what's with the bun?Happy New Year! As I said in my previous review, several restaurants have opened recently with burgers potentially worth writing about, so I’m trying to do my best to get to all of them in the next few weeks. This next one comes from the newly reopened and rebranded Downtown Grand, which added a little café called Stewart + Ogden. I’ve always been a big fan of the downtown area, but with all its hype in the past year or two I feel like there is still a lack of decent restaurants. The Grand’s simple, yet cool remodel brought a great new place for people to hang out on 3rd Street next to an old favorite of mine, but did they also bring a good new place to eat? continue reading »

Rx Boiler Room

September 18th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

calm before the stormThis is one of those meals that was so disastrous that I had to wait several days to write the review with a cool head. Plus, I’m sure the events below are identifiable enough for the wait staff to remember exactly who we were. Whatever, this is what I do. I recently had a surprisingly excellent burger at RM Seafood, so I was really excited to head upstairs and try the new one on the menu at Rx Boiler Room. But as you can see from my comments this didn’t go so well, and the downstairs restaurant is nothing like the upstairs one. I’m sure this post will follow with complaints, and I can’t wait to receive them! continue reading »

Roxy’s Diner

July 9th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

looks okBusy with work and summer trips, my opportunities to knock off burgers on my to-do list have been limited lately, hence the infrequent posts. And because of this I have been forced to do some less than ideal locations based on proximity to my office and random opportunities. This leads us directly to our next adventure at Roxy’s Diner inside the Stratosphere; a property certainly not known for fine dining by any locals or pretty much anyone that’s interested in good food despite one of the Yelp ‘reviews’ claiming that the Stratosphere has “the best food options on the strip”. Laughable indeed, just as much as this meal.  continue reading »

Binion’s Café

May 24th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

gross sweaty cheeseI’ll keep this one short and sweet since it doesn’t deserve the full treatment based on what you get. As many of my frequent readers probably know, I recently moved my office to the downtown area which opened up an opportunity to try out a whole slew of new places. Today’s review comes from a tip a Twitter friend sent me for a supposed hidden cheap gem at Binion’s Café based on a questionable review. Cheap it was, good it wasn’t. continue reading »

PoshBurger Bistro (CLOSED)

April 22nd, 2013 by Erik Chudy

fancy?It’s not very often these days that a new burger joint pops up on the scene and generates as much inquiry and drama as PoshBurger Bistro has lately. I’ve had friends text me about its arrival, followers tweeting me, and plenty of hype and rumors on local web sites. The menu offers a $29 burger, along with much skepticism as to if an off-Strip location can really sustain such a high priced meal. I’ve had cheaper burgers on the Strip that weren’t worth their value, so this promised to be an interesting ordeal. All of this, combined with a recent Groupon offer made it the perfect storm for my latest review. And boy is there some drama around it. continue reading »

Great Links Hot Dogs & Grill

November 19th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

plain and boringI’m going to abandon my typically structured article and opening ‘cliffhanger’ paragraph and just skip right to it on this one: this sucked. Great Links’ website claims right on the main page that they were voted the best burger in Las Vegas (!!!!). Who were they up against? This is insane! I know everyone has their own opinions, including me, but out of the 70+ burger places I’ve eaten at in town I’d say 95% of them are better than this. Who the hell voted? What other places was this up against? Come on! continue reading »