Shake Shack

February 13th, 2016 by Benjamin Billings

There was much excitement when Las Vegas got its first Shake Shack.  It’s second location in Summerlin was met with nearly as much anticipation. Was it worth the wait and hype? Let’s check it out. continue reading »

Andiron Steak and Sea

January 19th, 2016 by Benjamin Billings

As downtown Summerlin area continues to expand they boast more and more dining options.  Andiron Steak and Sea is a high end steak house that also serves a Wagyu burger.  Should you give it a try?  Let me tell you what I think. continue reading »

Echo & Rig

December 19th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

what's on my chip?I’m going to do my best in the next few weeks to tackle several of the new restaurants that have opened lately so you’re all aware of any changes to the burger landscape of Vegas. One such place is Echo & Rig in the ever-failing Tivoli Village in Summerlin. It was just reported this week that Ogden’s highly anticipated Hops & Harvest has already closed after only 6 months, and I’m always hearing rumors of poor sales and empty seats at many other venues within this miserable shopping area. That being said, I’ve heard Echo serves up some delicious steaks and the butcher stand concept sounded pretty interesting, so do they serve up an equally decent burger? continue reading »

Embers (CLOSED)

August 2nd, 2013 by Erik Chudy

looks prettyI’ll keep this one short and sweet, as there isn’t a whole lot to report. I’ve had a handful of people I don’t know suggest I check out Embers in Summerlin, and despite my skepticism I finally made my way there to check it out. Amidst an embarrassing display of the worst of the worst Summerlin floozies I could possibly see, including a girl with a Pink fleece jacket and matching Pink fleece short shorts and several other seemingly miserable pairs of women drinking wine at 11am on a Saturday, I braved this scene to try their burger. I haven’t really heard much buzz about this place around town ever, so I assumed what I would be getting matched the clientele around me. continue reading »

Ogden’s Hops & Harvest (CLOSED)

June 25th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

looks prettyTivoli Village is definitely creating a lot of buzz lately with all of its new restaurants; it’s just a pity that they haven’t brought any decent shopping to the table to bring in a few more bodies into the area. While I have mixed feelings about some of them, restaurants like Poppy Den, View, Cantina Laredo and many others have been gaining popularity with the locals. None of this was enough to keep Bottles & Burgers around, but that’s ok as we already have a replacement in the space with Bradley Ogden’s Hops & Harvest. Complete with a burger similar to what he formerly offered at Caesar’s, Ogden’s new restaurant hopes to add craft beers, farm to table comfort food and his famous burger to this growing food scene. I had to venture in there to sample this burger, as the last time I had it I was totally disappointed. Sadly, my recent experience will be just as controversial. continue reading »

Honey Salt (a revisit)

May 9th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

two burgers!I think there are many overrated restaurants throughout the valley, especially on the Strip. Several of the off-Strip locations that have opened in the past year have been getting lots of attention from the reviewers in town, some of which I may have been unimpressed by on my first visit. A perfect example is Honey Salt in Summerlin; I went a few weeks after opening and wasn’t thrilled with the burger or much else that we ordered. But the constant comments around town from other writers and friends has started to make me think otherwise, so when an opportunity arose for me to come back for another visit I jumped on it. Armed with the knowledge of what I’m really supposed to order off their menu this time, as well as the fact they knew I was coming all meant this should be much better than my first time. Right? continue reading »

PoshBurger Bistro (CLOSED)

April 22nd, 2013 by Erik Chudy

fancy?It’s not very often these days that a new burger joint pops up on the scene and generates as much inquiry and drama as PoshBurger Bistro has lately. I’ve had friends text me about its arrival, followers tweeting me, and plenty of hype and rumors on local web sites. The menu offers a $29 burger, along with much skepticism as to if an off-Strip location can really sustain such a high priced meal. I’ve had cheaper burgers on the Strip that weren’t worth their value, so this promised to be an interesting ordeal. All of this, combined with a recent Groupon offer made it the perfect storm for my latest review. And boy is there some drama around it. continue reading »