Freddy’s Steakburgers

August 10th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

looks wimpyI don’t typically eat at or review fast food chains, but when I discover one that I haven’t heard of I’m often intrigued to try it. Such was the case with Original Tommy’s Hamburgers last year, and that didn’t go well. Freddy’s Steakburgers recently opened near my office; it’s a chain I’ve never been to but since there aren’t any other locations in town I figured I’d check it out and report for everyone. Did it work out any better than Tommy’s? continue reading »

Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ

June 21st, 2012 by Erik Chudy

big burgerThe other day I had a craving for a good pulled pork sandwich, which isn’t necessarily a good thing considering there aren’t many options in town. Luckily I work near Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ which satisfied my craving last time so I headed there for lunch. But while sitting at the bar I decided that I needed to write a burger review this week and I’ve had the same pulled pork sandwich the last 3 times I’ve been there, so I caved and did what I always do: ordered a burger. I figured it couldn’t be all that bad, I mean, they should know a thing or two about meat right? continue reading »

Cruzers Burgers (CLOSED)

February 19th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

good looking mealI was recently contacted by the folks behind Cruzers to come give their signature burger a try. I appreciate the request, not only does it mean that more people are perhaps starting to read this blog, but maybe that some restaurant owners and chefs actually value my opinion. Well that’s wishful thinking at least. Either way I ventured there the other day for lunch to give it a shot. Both the Yelp and Urbanspoon reviews were very mixed so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Long story short, it wasn’t so bad. continue reading »

The Cracked Egg

January 3rd, 2012 by Erik Chudy

I see lots of lettuce!Still on the hunt for a good burger in an unassuming restaurant, I recently ventured to The Cracked Egg’s Henderson location. It’s been in my to-do list on my phone for a while now, pulled from some Yelp list that hasn’t really brought me any real treats yet. Most people’s recommendations and opinions for food are typically below my expectations, but someone has to come through right? Looks like I might have to keep going on that list. continue reading »

Henry’s American Grill

December 18th, 2011 by Erik Chudy

looks basic, but how does it taste?I feel like I’m finally getting further into the realm of unique local Vegas spots off the strip, which is great not just for the blog but also my bank account. The $19 burgers in the casinos are starting to take a toll on me, literally, so coming across the $4.99(!) burger at Henry’s American Grill in Henderson was exciting and promised big things based on all the Yelp comments. And although I had a couple complaints as I always do, this turned out to be a good visit. continue reading »

Rachel’s Kitchen

November 20th, 2011 by Erik Chudy

doesn't look horribleI have this great fantasy that I’m going to stumble not knowing into some great burger discovery, so every once in a while I go against my intuition and order a burger at a place that’s really not known for them. Such is the case with my recent trip to Rachel’s Kitchen, and based on this experience I clearly shouldn’t bet on the upcoming super bowl. continue reading »

Original Tommy’s Hamburgers

October 29th, 2011 by Erik Chudy

boring!Due to some recent unfortunate dining events, the VBB will no longer be taking recommendations from friends when it relates to large chains of burger joints. This very much refers to yesterday’s meal I had at Tommy’s, which was less than ideal and left my stomach a bit unhappy. There’s clearly no suspense in this review but I’ll go ahead and give you my full rundown anyway. continue reading »