January 19th, 2018 by Jason Fishman

I went to Hank’s Fine Steaks and Martinis in Green Valley Ranch. The ambiance is great – beautiful chandeliers, nice tables, and the service is very good as well. I ordered the burger, which, at $26 is one of the cheapest things on the menu. It did include fries, that sell separately for $11. The menu said that the meat was USDA prime ribeye. I wasn’t going to give up the chance to try a burger that sounds that good (even at the extremely high price), and of course, I ordered it medium rare, as I always do when given the opportunity. So how was it?

The burger came out – and it had cheese – I think it was mild cheddar cheese, but wasn’t sure. They used very little cheese (you can barely even see it in the picture between the patty and the onion under it). The burger was big. I would estimate that it was 10 oz. of meat. It also had a small amount of lettuce, tomato, a thick slice of onion and a thousand-island dressing on the bottom bun. They cooked it well – it came out perfectly red in the middle. The first bite I really enjoyed… but then it seemed to lose some flavor – and the bun started to get soggy from the thousand-island dressing and the juices of the burger. It tastes like a fancier version of Five Guys with higher quality meat.

The fries were very good but not great… on the thinner side.

It was a “great” cheese burger…. Not “amazing” or “world-class”… but it was better than a “good” or even “very good” burger. I am taking off a few points because of the price being so high and it not being a good value. Next time I am going to Hanks, I am skipping the burger and going right for the steaks… and martinis!

Overall score: 89

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