Claim Jumper

November 13th, 2017 by Jason Fishman

I was at Happy Hour at Claim Jumper in Henderson, and saw that they had the Widowmaker Burger on the Happy Hour menu. I ordered it medium-rare, and it came out and my first impression was that THIS THING WAS HUGE – I was in disbelief as to just how big it was. A thick patty (half pound) slathered in 2 thick slices of cheddar cheese with a few strips of thick cut bacon, 3 huge onion rings, avocado, and the standard lettuce tomato pickles and deliciously spiced buttermilk (I think) shoestring fries.

I really liked the thick patty because they were theoretically able to cook it to my specifications, although I think it came out a little more cooked than I would prefer – was probably cooked at medium – despite having a cute tag that said “M.Rare.” I took one of the 3 onion rings off the top to try it and thought it was very good (note to self: order onion rings at CJ). Then I smashed the whole thing down and cut it in half (see picture).

The meat, while a bit overcooked, was very tasty. They definitely added some spices to the meat before cooking it. Would be very interested to try one that is really medium-rare. It was still juicy, and the cheese was melted over it.

The flavor combinations with the cheese, bacon, onion ring, and avocado was a bit much, and while I did enjoy it very much, I felt that as a burger purist, it was taking away from the flavor of the meat. Also, as big as the patty was, there was so much “other stuff” that you didn’t really feel like you were eating a cheeseburger as much as a whole smorgasbord of food (albeit all very good) … and at almost 1400 calories, according to the CJ website, it is almost your complete allotment of calories for the whole day and is appropriately named as I am guessing that it clogs more than just a few arteries. It should be mentioned that the fries were really delicious, also. Maybe even better than the overall burger. Next time I think I would get the Widowmaker, I think I would eat it without the avocado and onion rings (both things I really like on the side – but they took away from the burger) and I think it would be higher rated.

It costs 14.95 on the regular menu and is just $10 on the happy hour menu. I am giving it an 88, but think it might just as high as 91 or 92 when consumed without all the extras.

Overall score: 88

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