Emerald Island Casino Grill

October 31st, 2017 by Jason Fishman

This little hole in the wall casino, Emerald Island, in Downtown Henderson, right off of Water Street has a 24 hour diner with surprisingly nice decor, and tons of food specials. Their late night (11pm-6am) specials include a half-pound double cheeseburger. Being a burger connoisseur, I thought I should try their special… and at 6.49 including fries and a drink, you can’t beat the price (8.99 when it is not the middle of the night).

I ordered the special medium rare with cheddar (options were plentiful and included American, Swiss, Provolone and Pepperjack). The service was very good – especially given the fact that it was 11:30pm. About 10 minutes later, out came an open-face sandwich with two relatively large (quarter-pound) patties slathered with cheese and topped with some overly grilled onions on one side, and some shredded lettuce (my favorite) and a tomato on the other side. The bun was soft on top and crunchy on the flat side, and seemed freshly grilled. It looked really good and I was excited…. I put the two sides together, and before adding any ketchup or mayonnaise, I had a bite.

It was all downhill after the presentation. The patties tasted like they were frozen, defrosted and then re-frozen a few times. There was not much flavor in them (but some) outside of the re-frozen meat flavor. Not too dissimilar from a Wendy’s fast food burger patty flavor – except thicker. Usually thicker burgers, when cooked right, maintain a lot of juice and flavor – this one did not – tasted very “fast-foody” –but not in Five Guys way. The bun was decent, but not as tasty as it looked. The onions were really over-done and the burger was a medium-well (which only exacerbated the re-frozen taste issue). After the first bite I added ketchup and mayonnaise and it made it taste a bit better as it hid the shortcomings of the meat. I will definitely not repeat by getting the burger. If I am ever in the area and hungry for a burger, I would much rather go across the alley to the Rainbow Club (but their diner closes at 10:45pm) or just try something else on the menu.

Overall score: 61…. And only that high because of the low price, good presentation and great service.

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