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September 15th, 2016 by Erik Chudy

burger!Greetings loyal readers! It’s been quite some time since I’ve personally written a burger review, but I’m back to tease you with a post or two for your (hopeful) enjoyment. First up is Carson Kitchen; a newer addition to our fair city located in the Fremont Street area of town. They feature an odd website, some fun small plates and of course a burger. Many friends have mentioned this burger to me in recent months, so I had high expectations. Did it deliver?

cutting block tableThe restaurant is a cool atmosphere with unfinished and exposed construction materials; CMU brick walls, wooden joists and steel are all featured in here. I visited towards the end of the night on a Tuesday evening (9:30pm), but there was still a decent crowd and a bit of energy from the various couples and groups seated throughout. There is a small amount of bar seating, some communal almost cutting block style tables extending from the bar, several 4/6-top tables and some display kitchen seating as well. This sounds like a lot but it’s a pretty small space appointed with a few different options. As I said before, the menu consists of some small plates including the tasty-sounding crispy chicken skins, some lighter dishes, flatbreads, meat and fish, and of course sandwiches including the burger in question, all reasonably priced.

more stuff, no meat!The Butter Burger in this case, is served with boursin, cheddar, lettuce and tomato. What came out was a simple looking burger on a large piece of lettuce, and the worst thing to accompany them: tots! More on those tots in a bit. The flaky fresh bun had nice char on the inside, but it did seem a tiny bit undersized for what I was about to inhale. The boursin brought a nice funky flavor to the assembly, I’m not sure the mostly non-existent cheddar is needed along with it. The flavor of the cheese was nice, but neither slice was even close to being melted which was highly annoying. The meat had great beef flavor, a nice char taste and was cooked well, but the patty was a bit thin for the overall assembly. There was too much lettuce as you can see, the tomato was ok, and it wasn’t listed but there was some kind of special sauce almost like a thin thousand island or something. Overall it was a very decent burger, but the patty pressed a bit too thin at times, I had to pull out some of the lettuce and the cheese should have been melted.

I didn’t care for the spicy tots, although I never do. They’re not really spicy as the menu states, and they also didn’t seem that fresh. They had a seasoning on them that reminded me of gravy for some reason, but no spice. The portion size was ok for the amount of burger I had, but that might be because I didn’t care to eat them all.

lightsThe $14 price tag isn’t too bad for what you get, but I would really love a good fry option instead. Also, having melted cheese coat the top of my patty would do wonders for this burger, as opposed to biting into two stiff slices of cheese with every bite. The cheese wasn’t cold, but it wasn’t really soft either. Another friend has also provided me with this same cheese complaint, so maybe they should take note. I’m not sure how some of the other Fremont area burgers are holding up these days, but if you’re looking for a burger in this part of town it’s worth a stop. If you’re with a few folks you may have more fun sharing some of the smaller plates instead.

Overall score: 85

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  1. Jeremy Larkin says:

    Nice to see you back! Looking forward to my next burger crawl in Vegas. In staying on fremont, I’ll check this one out.

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