The Great Greek

May 20th, 2016 by Benjamin Billings

The Las Vegas area has Greek places scattered all over, and the quality of these places is equally all over the map.  I found an odd one in Henderson that has a burger. So often times places that throw a burger onto the menu should have saved us all the trouble and left it off. This coupled with the “gonzo” nature of this offering made me dubious. Should you make the drive to Henderson for it?  Let’s take a look.

The Great Greek is a little tricky to find. It is nestled in a little strip mall, hidden by Jason’s Deli. It is not easy to see from Warm Springs Ave. Once you enter you will be struck by 2 things right away. First, the atmosphere is fairly utilitarian and it is very small. The second thing you will notice is that it is always busy here and if you come at a peak time it is absolutely cramped. There are less than a dozen tables inside, though they also have outside seating for when the weather is nice. As frustrating as so many people can be, it is an indication that they must be doing something right.

They only have one register and once I finally made my way to it I selected the only burger on the menu, the Athenian burger (1/2 lb. Grilled Angus Beef with Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Tzatziki and Feta). They will cook your burger to your desired degree of doneness, but seem to prefer you describe it instead of stating a level of doneness. I ordered mine pink in the middle. There were people waiting for seats, so I ordered the food to go. Even at this, there is not even really a place to wait for your food.  I cannot say enough how cramped this place can be.

The Great Greek

When I got my food home and opened the takeout container the smell that hit my nose was wonderful!  And this burger is a monster. It took up most of the clam shell Styrofoam. The description on the menu is good but a little incomplete. On top of the description they provide, the tzatziki is full of cucumber cubes. Also, it should be noted that the tomato is mixed into the tzatziki. The first bite of this behemoth told me I had found a winner.  The burger itself was cooked exactly like I requested. As a nice surprise it had a smoky finish that only flame can deliver. The overall flavor unsurprisingly was similar to a gyro, but the smoky burger beats most gyro meat I have eaten. The bun was sufficient to its job, and though a little dry, was not too distracting. The only negatives I can think of were that I could not taste the red onion and the feta flavor was too faint. In the end I was happy I had taken it home. I am not sure there is a way to eat this neatly between the juiciness of the burger and the tzatziki concoction. This ends up being nearly a fork and knife burger. Despite its size I confess to being just a little disappointed when it was done. It was that good.

I wish I could be as positive about the fries. They are reminiscent of the potato paste disaster fries Burger King used to serve. There is nothing to recommend about them. My advice is to choose a different side. Maybe the falafel? The hummus is fresh and would also be a good choice. Of course if you are not very hunger this burger by itself will be more than enough to do the trick. There is nothing to say about my beverage choice. It was standard soda machine lemonade.

Will I be back?  You can bet on it. I just wish management would realize it has outgrown its current location and do something about those French fries.  I think you will find the drive and minor frustrations as outlined above are well worth overlooking to get such a yummy burger.

Overall Score: 82


Burger Cost: $7.75

Meal Cost: $10.70

Burger Adjusted Score: 10.6

Meal Adjusted Score: 7.7

Additional Notes (the following notes were not considered in my review but might be useful for someone planning a trip here):

The Great Greek has vegetarian options.

The Great Greek serves beer and wine.

Parking and is almost always very frustrating at peak times.

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