March 19th, 2016 by Benjamin Billings

Smashburger is part of the new wave of fast casual burger places. They have several locations in the Las Vegas area. Are they worth checking out? Let’s take a visit.

Smashburger has a casual vibe and a friendly atmosphere. They have several burgers pre-built for you but are very willing to customize to your taste. I selected the Big Smash Avocado club (fresh avocado, Applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, ranch dressing and mayo on a multi-grain bun). Testing their ability and willingness to customize I ordered it without ranch dressing, and with blue cheese crumbles. After I placed my order I was given a number and chose a seat.

SmashburgerMy meal was brought to me fairly quickly and my order was accurately prepared. Smashburger consistently delivers a solid offering and this was no exception. As the name implies, the hamburger is smashed on the grill and because of this there is no option to have your burger cooked to order and there is certainly a loss of juiciness. This said, it is a wonder that the burger tasted as good as it does. And it really does taste good. The meat has a full flavor. The multi-grain roll is nice accompaniment to this burger and I would love to see more places off such a solid selection. The bun did not over power the rest of the burger but held together well and supported it. My main quibble with this burger aside form an inability to get it medium rare was the toppings. More bacon, more blue cheese crumbles and more avocado would have been great. I order a burger like this hoping each bite will be nearly uniform and that sadly just was not the case. When the flavors were all there together, it was great, but each time they were not it just was not as good.

Let’s talk about the fries. I did not order them and if I had included them this review would be dinged for them. The fries they offer at Smashburger are thin and are more like potato sticks.  On top of this they are too greasy. I opted for the veggie frites instead. These were a solid step over the French fries.  They are essentially flash friend carrots and green beans tossed in salt and pepper. They are also too greasy, but like I said they are better than the alternative than the fries. I selected lemonade and there is nothing to say about it. It was standard Minute Maid lemonade.

On leaving we bussed our table and found the garbage can was not well suited to hold the trays and cups etc. we were placing there. This was the theme of the visit. Smashburger has a very solid concept that with some tweaks could be head and shoulder above the competition. Instead they have chosen to be average in a field filled with very good options, meaning they are only very good not amazing. If they would figure out there greasy side issue that alone would help.

Overall Score: 74

Burger Cost: $7.99

Meal Cost: $12.97

Burger Adjusted Score: 9.3

Meal Adjusted Score: 5.7

Location:  9460 S. Eastern Ave, Las Vegas

Additional Notes (the following notes were not considered in my review but might be useful for someone planning a trip here):

Smashburger has vegetarian options.

Smashburger serves beer.

The parking at this location can be frustrating during peak times.

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