Dish {fine burger bistro} (Prague, Czech Republic)

October 1st, 2014 by Erik Chudy

Prague_a (78)My European burger adventures were often like skating on thin ice; I knew my wife liked burgers almost as much as me, but with so much other good food around it was sometimes difficult to work a burger meal into our city visits. Any time we had a less-than-mediocre burger I knew the tides were slowly turning towards fewer burgers, but when my birthday happened in Prague she opted to find a burger dinner for me despite our previous failure a few days prior. She found Dish {fine burger bistro} in her search and that’s just where we ended up. I hadn’t seen much about it during my research, so I really didn’t know what to expect coming into it, but I’m so glad we went.

Prague_a (72)Dish is a pretty small restaurant with seven tables in the back room, two in front plus a handful outside on their patio. The griddle and fryers are literally at the front door with a bar and seating for 4 people. The walls are decorated with pictures of 1950’s American families picnicking and being in the kitchen, so you can clearly tell where the burger movement is originating from no matter what country you’re in. Same with the last Prague burger joint we ate at. Because this restaurant is so small, reservations are probably a good idea; we arrived about 45 minutes early for our reservation and we were sent away because our table was still occupied. Their menu is very simple, and only offers a handful of burgers, salads and sides.

Prague_a (90)My choice this evening was the Dish burger: 150g of beef with cheddar, bacon, Dish ketchup, confited garlic aioli, pickles and salad. What came out was a masterpiece. The bun was incredibly fresh, soft, gooey and just perfect. The patty was loosely packed; not overly handled so it had just the right texture. Not much seasoning but the meat had really great flavor so it was ok. We even commented that the grease tasted wonderful, which I’m not sure I’ve ever spoken out loud. It was cooked a bit beyond medium-rare but that absolutely didn’t matter. The pickles were sharp and crunchy with great flavor, and the Dish ketchup was just awesome; like a very fresh and natural ketchup. The bacon was crispy, cooked perfectly and also had really great flavor. The lettuce and tomato were fresh, but got somewhat lost in the myriad of greatness. So far so good!

Prague_a (66)The two kinds of fries were both really good too; the bistro fries were a bit thicker and seasoned with large chunks of garlic, while the steak fries were well-seasoned with herbs. Both were excellent and we kept going back and forth as to which one we liked more. My advice would be to go here with someone so you can order both and not look like a total glutton. Overall this was one of the best burger meals I had had in quite a long time, let alone the best one in Europe to this point of our trip. At 189cz for the burger, or around $9.16, this is an incredible deal especially when compared to our last several burgers. About two weeks after this meal my brother sent me an article about the European burger scene, with the number one burger joint in all of Europe being listed as Dish, and I had to agree. If you ever find yourself in Prague, you must check out Dish.

Overall score: 96

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  1. Carly says:

    If you’re still around Prague, I recommend you go for a burger at The Tavern. It’s a small place bordering Reigrovy Sady that has fantastics burgers and a nice selection of sauces, beer and homemade lemonade. I love Dish too and agree the Jama is disappointing … so The Tavern might be the perfect recommendation. Also, they have homemade ranch dressing … which is kind of a big deal.

  2. Carly says:

    And I’ve not tried this place yet, but a burger conversation is happening elsewhere on Facebook right now and the burger god himself (stoner from Texas) praises this place:

  3. EllenLV says:

    Could we please have an update? It would be nice to read about a place we might be able to attend…even if it is somewhere in the North East. But Prague? I know I will never be visiting Prague!
    Happy New Year to you both, thanks again for the candy!

  4. John says:

    That looks delicious.

    I had a similarly delicious looking turkish doner in Las Vegas at Maza the best Turkish Restaurant Las Vegas

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