Restaurace Jáma (Prague, Czech Republic)

September 17th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

Prague (176)After having a fairly successful couple of burgers in Munich, we thought we would test our luck again in Prague. I had read about a few decent burgers in the city, and our host confirmed that sentiment when we arrived with a list of a few burger restaurants to try. Plus, Prague is quite the beer city so they must have good burgers to accompany their drinks. The first one on his list was a place called Restaurace Jáma, which showed up on a few of my searches as well so we gave it a shot.

Prague (172)Restaurace Jáma is an American-themed restaurant, decorated with band posters, Rolling Stone covers and movie posters mostly from the 90’s. It was actually a bit odd. We stopped in a little past lunch time and had the large bar/restaurant almost to ourselves. They had a great beer selection, and we ended up getting two different tasting flights of some great local beers. Their menu offers a large variety of salads, sandwiches, classic Czech dishes, Mexican and tex-mex dishes, wings and of course burgers. There are some weird burgers on the menu including a ‘taco’ burger complete with the expected seasoning.

Prague (179)I was not feeling incredibly adventurous this day, and went with the Big Cheese; a classic burger with triple melted cheddar. The sesame bun was crispy, fresh and well-proportioned to the very thick patty. The meat was of surprisingly good quality and cooked right, but lacked any seasoning or flavor beyond standard beef. The triple cheese was a mild cheddar; it was melted well but had no presence even given the fact that there was supposedly three times the regular serving on my burger. Overall it was a mildly mediocre burger, and not worthy of a solid recommendation from a local in my opinion.

Prague (177)The fries were the unfortunate star of this meal; miscellaneous cuts from small potatoes that provided crispy bits with skin still on, and random small chunks. They were fresh, cooked well and didn’t have any offending oil flavor. Many people claim that the Czech Republic is some incredible deal, but when you do the conversion it ends up costing you about the same as it would at home. My burger and fries was 185 Czech Crowns, which ends up being about $9.16 and your average price for a burger meal. If you find yourself in Prague and really want a burger, I wouldn’t bother with Restaurace Jáma, but instead stay tuned for next week’s post!

Overall score: 72

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