Hans im Glück Burgergrill (Munich, Germany)

September 1st, 2014 by Erik Chudy

Munich (206)While eating a fantastic burger in Munich, the nice guy at our table told us about another very worthy burger in town at a place called Hans im Glück Burgergrill. He had already confirmed that the great burger we were eating was truly one of the best in town, so we took his advice and risked missing out on some great German food to see if we could find a second great burger in Munich. After all, a culture so focused on their meats and beers should surely be able to handle burgers across the board, right?

Munich (210)It turns out Hans im Glück is actually a small chain in Germany, and is based on a children’s fairy tale of the same name. They have really fun fairy tale themed interiors with real trees, plants, wooden condiment holders and tree wallpaper. We eventually passed another location in Munich and one in Berlin; they all had a similar theme inside. The location we went to for lunch wasn’t too crowded, and we were able to sit down right away. The menu is the size and design of a small children’s book, and reads like one. Unfortunately they only offer them in German; the English menu is just a simple piece of paper with the food listed. There are many different burgers to choose from, many of which come with hay milk cheese, which is a very special cheese from Salzburg Austria. They also offer a few chicken breast sandwiches and many vegetarian options. There are also three different kinds of sauces at the tables: fry, grill (BBQ) and orange.

Munich (208)I went with the käse & speck, which is their ‘klassik’ burger along with the hay milk cheese and bacon. The bun and cheese are the stars of the burger, and almost do enough to distract you from the below average patty. The bun is a very thin sourdough, but holds together quite well and is buttery, airy and soft. The patty was thin, generic, overcooked and not that flavorful. Their secret sauce is more or less a fry sauce with relish. The lettuce and tomato are a bit skimpy, and the bacon was a little soft and generic. The cheese was complex; sharp and delicate, kind of a mix of cheddar and Swiss. Sadly this was not the same as my previous Munich burger experience, but still decent compared to many of my other European experiences so far.

The fries were of the generic thicker variety and not that good, but with the three great sauces at the table you don’t even notice. With a much higher quality patty this could have been a very different experience, I’m just not sure a decent sized chain would change something that big across the board. Priced at around 12 Euros for a burger and fries it’s fairly reasonable for a sit-down joint, but sadly the meal didn’t quite deliver. The amazing bun and cheese could almost do the job on their own, but combine that with mediocre fries and you have one overall meal I can’t quite recommend. So as I determined in my previous post, if you’re in Munich, head to Burger House instead.

Overall score: 75

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