Burger House (Munich, Germany)

August 13th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

Munich_a (78)So after last week’s disaster, let’s get back to business with another burger review. I’m still only halfway through my European trip and sampling of what else is out there in the world. After making it through over three weeks in Spain with only one slider worthy of a visit, and a solid month in Italy with no good burgers to speak of, we headed into Germany where surely a good burger could be found. I again resorted to some basic online searching to see what burger joints got the most attention to see if there was anything worth our time. The consensus seemed to be that Burger House was of the top joints in Munich, so that’s where we headed one afternoon instead of our go-to biergarten. Hopefully they would present me with the first really solid burger I could report on?

Munich_a (74)Burger House is a tiny restaurant with not a lot of seating, so depending on the time of day you’re going to visit you may want to make a reservation ahead of time. We went on a Thursday right around 7pm and there were no seats available. Luckily a really nice guy let us sit in the other two seats at his table along with him and his daughter. Most places we ate or drank at during our stay in Munich had only communal tables, so this was nothing that odd. Plus just about everyone speaks perfect English so this wasn’t awkward either. In fact, after some great conversation with them, he determined that we did in fact find one of the top burger joints in town. The kitchen is right in the dining space; you hear all the noise from it but don’t smell any smoke from the grill or oil from the fries. The menu features a variety of pre-designed burgers, add-ons, fries and of course beers.

Munich_a (81)We were told that the burgers weren’t too big, so I went all out and ordered a double in the hopes that this would really deliver. The burger was great; in fact it was everything I had been looking for in Europe since we arrived. The buns are made daily; it was fresh, buttery and well proportioned. The patty had a bit of seasoning; it was cooked perfectly and had great flavor. More importantly it had some char from the griddle that I had been waiting for. The white onion and tomato were fresh, and the cheddar was great. The house sauce was sort of In-n-Out like, and really good. Again, I can’t stress that this was finally the burger I was looking for since leaving the US.

The hand cut fries were huge, hot and cooked perfectly. Seasoned with rosemary and Parmesan, one serving was good for two people. The sweet potato fries had decent flavor, cooked well, but were not nearly as good. Our meal was fairly inexpensive, and felt very cheap given the quality of what we got and how happy we were about it. Two beers, two burgers and two orders of fries came to 29 Euros, and we couldn’t have been happier to pay it. So unlike Spain and Italy, if you find yourself in Munich, make your way to Burger House.

Overall score: 90

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  1. Flo says:

    Are you still in Germany? You shoud try “Hans im Glück” and if you drive a bit to the north you shoud try “Mama Maddys” in Ansbach.

    ==>Deffenitly the best Burgers in Bavaria

    • Erik Chudy says:

      Hans im Glück will be my next review to be posted in a week or two! I’ll have to check out Mama Maddys next time I’m in Germany…

  2. Eadyt says:

    The bread they use in Europe, in general I think more to be hard bread texture, its not necessarily less delicious, but a little bit different than in America…

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