Café de La Pedrera (Barcelona, Spain)

July 7th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

Barcelona_a (631)So I’m well aware that in my last post I told you not to bother getting a burger while in Spain, but I have just one more to report on. As many of you know, Barcelona has quite a few buildings designed by famous architect Antoni Gaudí, 9 to be exact. On top of being a burger freak, I’m also a lover of great buildings so I spent much of my time in Barcelona visiting all of Gaudí’s buildings along with many other great ones. On our last evening in the city we visited Gaudí’s Casa Milà and dined in the Café de La Pedrera inside the building. I wasn’t expecting to eat another burger in this city, but when I saw a slider listed on the menu “inspired by Chef Joël Robuchon” I had to partake. Could I possibly eat a fantastic burger while sitting in one of my favorite architects’ buildings?

Barcelona (1031)Gaudí is probably most famous for the Sagrada Família, an unbelievable church that started construction in 1882 and still has around 20 years before it will be completed. Another popular building of his in Barcelona is the Casa Milà I mentioned above; a modernist apartment building that still houses some private residents but is now mostly open to the public. I’ll spare you from any further architectural lessons and focus solely on the café located inside. The café is in the former private dining space for some of the original residents of the building, and is mostly as it was when designed by Gaudí. There is a daily café menu featuring pastries, snacks, and tapas-sized dishes, as well as an evening dinner menu that gets a bit expensive. The slider in question was not on the dinner menu, but I was still able to order it off of the other menu on the evening we were there. We had a few other dishes during our visit; most of them were good, although the portions were small for the high prices.

Barcelona_a (635)The slider, described almost exactly as the one sold at Robuchon’s restaurant in MGM Grand, looked almost exactly like it when it arrived. It had a flaky fresh bun, very similar to a dinner roll. The rare/medium-rare patty was topped with a huge slab of foie gras, and it was fantastic. The patty itself was of very high quality meat, not overly seasoned by very flavorful, and paired perfectly with the foie. Once I got to the caramelized onions it was even better with each bite. This was very small as it was basically a tapas slider portion, but perfectly sized. The right fries would make it a fantastic snack, but unfortunately none are offered on their menu.

At 9.50 Euros it’s a bit much, but sitting in a Gaudí building eating a great burger was one of the most amazing experiences of my time in Barcelona. This excellent little burger was the perfect way for me to experience my last of nine Gaudí buildings during my visit. If you’re an architecture nerd like myself I would recommend a tour of this building, if you want to experience it with a slightly expensive but excellent slider you should also check out the café. Just be warned your meal can get a bit more expensive than you may want to spend, as we found Barcelona to be fairly cheap to eat out in overall.

Overall score: 88

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