Hamburguesería Kiosko (Barcelona, Spain)

June 24th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

Barcelona (27)Well hello strangers, sorry it’s been so long! I just got back from a three month tour across much of Europe, and I have quite a few burgers to report on! Initially I wasn’t quite sure of how many burgers we would actually be able to eat while surrounded by so much other great food, but after a while we got a craving for a good old burger and my old ways took over. The first European burger comes to you from a restaurant called Hamburguesería Kiosko located in Barcelona. After a bit of research one afternoon, I quickly determined that Kiosko was one of the favorites around town so we decided to make that our sample of what Barcelona had to offer for the burger scene. We had already seen burgers on the menus of several tapas restaurants throughout Madrid and Sevilla, so we were well aware that Spain was slowly embracing the burger scene, but the couple I tried weren’t even worth mentioning. Could Barcelona handle them better?

Barcelona (29)Kiosko is about a 10 minute walk from the popular La Rambla tourist area, and a short walk from the Barceloneta metro stop which I would recommend utilizing whenever possible if you want to see everything as this city is pretty large. Our visit took place on a Thursday a little after lunch time, and the place was still pretty busy. There aren’t too many seats, so once you place your order it could be a challenge to find your spot and wait out your food. The space itself is somewhat modern and cool, with a very energetic feel overall. The menu has quite the list of burgers to choose from, chicken breast, vegetarian and even a pork loin stuffed with the always-delicious Iberico ham. If you ever find your way to Spain you must try Iberico ham; this means it comes from a pig that was fed a strict acorn diet, and it is amazing. They also offer a salad, several types of fries and artisan ice creams.

Barcelona_a (43)I decided on the Suiza, which comes with potato rösti and Swiss Gruyère cheese. What came out was absolutely huge, about as wide as my hand with fingers spread out. The patty was densely packed, too packed, and had the hot dog flavor I remember from the last time I had a Harvey’s burger in Montreal. It had some char flavor which was welcome, as no one in Madrid or Sevilla seemed capable, but the meat had that odd flavor that took away any enjoyment. The potato was decent, kind of like a large tater tot, but didn’t fit the size of the patty so there were many bites without it. The cheese was not very present, and the unlisted aioli on top didn’t provide any flavor either. My fancy upgraded brioche bun was dry and not that great, certainly not worth the additional two euro I had to pay.

Barcelona_a (37)The fries were odd; overly fried to the point that they almost weren’t identifiable as potato like they were battered with something first. Between the burger and fries there was just nothing going on here. The burger was way too big to begin with, like they were trying to match some stereotype of a giant American burger, but the flavors were totally off as well. If this is truly the best burger joint in Barcelona, I can safely tell you not to bother with a burger in this city, or much of Spain for that matter. The burger scene might be making its way through the country, but they have some practice to do still. Unfortunately I don’t have my receipt anymore, and the prices aren’t listed online, but I’d say a burger and fries cost me around 12 euro which would be too much in US dollars let alone with the conversion. But don’t worry about it, if you’re going to Barcelona I have plenty of other great restaurants I could recommend to you.

Overall score: 60

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