Rick’s Press Room (Meridian, ID)

May 25th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

IMG_9606Continuing my series of traveling reviews, today’s comes from Idaho again by way of Rick’s Press Room. Rick’s is a restaurant once featured on Diner’s for whatever that’s worth, although that isn’t the reason I went. It’s located outside of the downtown Boise area in Meridian; it’s a bit out of the way so they have to offer something good for Guy to venture there, right?

If you catch them during a busy time like lunch, forget about getting seated quickly or served quickly. In fact, the lone waitress seemed so backed up that some lady waiting for her table started cleaning dirty tables so our party and two others could actually be seated. We waited probably 10 minutes before we got our waters and a solid 20 minutes after we sat down before she took our orders. The dining room is small, loud and seats about 50. There are almost no decorations in the space, a small bar to one side and loose tables throughout. Perhaps the main feature of the space is the yellow walls with signatures from past visitors, and several references to the time that Guy was here. The menu differs slightly between lunch and dinner, with a salmon potato supposedly being one of the stars of both.

IMG_9614As usual I was here for one thing, and in this case it was called the Press Room Burger; fresh ground beef accompanied by your choice of two sides. You can add extra sides from this decent list for 75 cents each. The patty was narrow and very thick, a bit small and oddly proportioned to the bun; I had a decent sliver of bun left after everything else was finished. The meat had good char flavor, and decent beef flavor with not much seasoning, and was cooked close to medium rare. The bun was thin, soft and fresh; based on the overall size of everything and how thin the bun was, I didn’t expect it to hold up, but it did surprisingly well. The bacon was a tiny bit undercooked but had good flavor, cheddar was well melted but had little presence, and the shredded lettuce annoys me for some reason but it was ok. The mayo and tomatoes were good, and at times the combo of it all reminded me of a po’boy. Overall it was decent, but not quite the reason for a Guy visit.

IMG_9598The fries were thick, fresh but of the fairly generic frozen variety. Between the three plates of fries at my table they were very inconsistent on their level of cooking. Mine were the most well-cooked of the group and they were still a bit undercooked. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: you’re in the land of potatoes and you lazily prepare generic frozen fries at your restaurant? For shame! No one seemed too overwhelmed about their meals at my table of 6, so I’m not quite sure what to say about their other food. As for the burger, I’ve definitely had better in Boise, so if this is out of your way I can’t quite recommend it. If you find yourself closer, or just want the DDD experience, I guess you could make your way there.

Overall score: 80

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