A Reason to Read Another Bachi Review

April 16th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

There have been only a small handful of restaurants that I actually granted a revisit for one reason or another, despite many requests following some negative reviews over the years. In some cases, like Honey Salt, my first visit was only weeks into their opening so I felt it was necessary after so many accolades for me to come back and see how they tweaked things to run more smoothly. Another well-deserved restaurant was Bachi Burger; my initial review was one of the first on this blog so I felt a better-documented revisit was in order after a while. Of all the places I’ve gone to for repeat meals, none have impressed me as much as Bachi so I feel it’s time for one more review. You’re probably asking yourself why you need to read yet another review about them, but I have my reasons.

I’m not sure I need to get into too many details about the interiors of either location in Vegas; at this point if you’re a regular reader of this blog and haven’t been there yet, I really have no help for you! There was a small remodel to the Windmill location last year, but overall both restaurants look similar and offer very similar, if not the same menus at this point. I ran a burger tournament last year to find the best burger in Vegas; Bachi started the competition as my number 1 seed, but lost in the third round to the eventual champion DW Bistro. DW undeniably makes a fantastic burger, so this was a great matchup, but some of the other locations that made it into the late rounds of this tournament made me question how much of these results were based on popularity vs which place actually had a great burger. Which is why I’m here to reaffirm my stance on Bachi today.

perfectIn the last 3 years I’ve eaten at Bachi I have always ordered one of their specialty burgers as they are designed, with no modifications. During this visit I got the bright idea to order one of their standard BBQ burgers and build my own just to see what I could come up with. What I didn’t know until now was that their BBQ burger comes with a soy glaze on the patty, which intrigued me. To complete the burger I got a fried egg, bacon, cheddar and relish, and what came out was yet another masterpiece.  The bun as always was perfect; soft, fresh, grilled just right and absolutely perfectly sized for the patty. The patty was also as great as it could be, but this time with a fantastic flavorful soy glaze. It was cooked perfectly to the medium-rare I ordered all the way through, with a nice char around the perimeter. The fried egg was great, the bacon was crispy and cooked right, the cheddar was melted and flavorful, and the relish added just the right contrast. I was about halfway through the burger when I put it down, looked across the table and declared it the best in Vegas. I have no problem suggesting a top 5 to people when asked, or a set of options based on area of town, but rarely do I pick a full on favorite like this. I can’t help it, this burger is perfection every time for me.

still perfectThe last several times I’ve eaten at Bachi I actually skipped the fries and went for their pork belly steamed buns instead. It’s not that I don’t like their fries, but I just love the sauce that comes with the buns. But on this visit we went with the white truffle and parmesan fries, which as usual were also fantastic. The price point for an off-Strip location is a bit high, I think we spend about $18 per person for burger and fries, but for what you get I never complain. I have reviewed around 120 burgers at this point on the blog, and have eaten probably twice that; I can say without a doubt that I have never been more consistently satisfied with my burger meals anywhere else. Well, maybe In-N-Out…

I had a couple burgers recently that provided some very stiff competition, but I think overall the burger scene has been well sampled. In the coming year I know of a few notable burger openings: Shake Shack at New York New York and Umami Burger at SLS for example, but for the most part I’m not sure what else will be on the horizon. By no means am I giving up, but I’m here to announce that my search with be broadening for a while. Now that I have a solid idea of what Vegas has to offer, I’d like to compare it to the rest of the world. That being said, I’m taking the Vegas Burger Blog on the road…

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  1. Chris V. says:

    Very cool! My favorite place as well.

  2. Michael says:

    I suppose I’m an old-fashioned purist, but the texture of these burgers is a huge turn-off right off, and their flavor is a type of compensation, a substitute for the deliciousness of beef. A good burger, IMHO, is marked by a nicely Moillard-crusted exterior and a juicy, beefy interior. Grind is important too. It shouldn’t be too fine, or, like these burgers, the texture is mealy. A proper grind will have some slightly intact chunks of just barely-ground beef here and there. If the quality of the beef used, and the proper combination ground (I like a combination of sirloin, short rib, brisket, and ox-tail) the only seasoning necessary is salt and pepper- no “umami” bombs to compensate for a lack of beefy flavor. I’ve tried this place, at the insistence of friends, a half a dozen times, but it just doesn’t do it for me.

  3. I have a burger blog as well based mainly is Salt Lake City, planning an anniversary trip to Vegas soon and was taking burger reccomendations from Yelp and couldn’t decide between Rollin Smoke, BurgR, and Bachi. But you make my decision for me. Bachi it is. Plus I might visit one other place, probably BurgR cuz my wife has a huge crush and Mr. Ramsay. Thanks for new favorite blog. I’m taking pointers from you. samburger.net

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