Pizza Rock

March 26th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

creamyEither I’m getting lucky or some restaurants are just stepping up their game; the last few reviews I’ve posted have all been from extremely positive experiences. Some people claim I’m a bit too critical, but that’s what I’m here for. And besides, I’ve reviewed over 120 burgers in Vegas now so I have a few to reference. This next one comes from a new pizza joint that opened a few months ago called Pizza Rock. I’ve avoided a few reviews such as this in the past because I always assume a restaurant that has one main focus surely can’t make a decent burger, but after my last review that may no longer be the case. If one Italian-focused restaurant produced a fantastic burger, can a second?

simplePizza Rock is located just off Fremont across the street from the new Downtown Grand, in a very large space that has a truck as a DJ booth. The front lobby has a takeout counter for individual slices, with a large dining and bar area further back. During the day the music is somewhat subdued, but you can anticipate a decent lunch crowd. At night, and especially on weekends, the music gets turned up and the place fills up even more. I’ve had some fantastic pizza here in the past of a variety of styles, and even have a friend that claims they have the best pizza in town. Of course pizza is the main focus of their menu, but they also have pasta, sandwiches and of course burgers.

perfectionMy choice on this visit was their Burrata burger: American Kobe beef, burrata cheese, bacon, caramelized onion, arugula and balsamic reduction, and what came out was way more than what I was expecting. The bun was fantastic; grilled, gooey, fresh, soft, perfectly proportioned… any positive adjective you can think of. The patty was of really great beef quality, cooked perfectly, maybe even a little more rare than the medium-rare I ordered, but that was completely welcome for what it was. It had some good char flavor, not much seasoning but that was totally fine. The burrata cheese, an Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream, was melted, gooey and very flavorful. The bacon was crispy and great, the arugula worked very well with everything, the caramelized onions had great flavor and were cooked well enough so you could actually bite through them, and the balsamic reduction added the perfect touch of flavor. Overall this was an excellent burger with nothing negative about it; apparently this place can do a burger as well as many styles of pizza.

The fries were cooked well, of the slightly thicker variety but not quite steak size, and seasoned with large clumps of garlic. They were very good, although I wouldn’t necessarily suggest them for lunch if you have meetings later in the day. The portion was absolutely huge, definitely more than enough for two. As for the price, $13.50 is an incredible bargain for the flavors and quality of what you’re given. I’ve tried burgers all over the downtown area at a wide variety of prices, and I can say without a doubt that this is the best one I’ve eaten around there. Go get yourself one, and maybe a slice of pizza while you’re at it.

Overall score: 96

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