Ketchup Premium Burger Bar

January 28th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

looks dull!I have a handful of potentially decent places on my to-do list right now, but it’s starting to get very thin as I’ve tackled most of the noteworthy restaurants around town at this point. Even with a few new joints opening in the next couple months, we’ve had several long standing burger restaurants close down lately and the trend seems to be slightly fading to pizza and other things. That didn’t stop Planet Hollywood from opening up a new one though, a quietly announced spot called Ketchup Premium Burger Bar. Luckily the space is located right at the entry from the parking garage, saving you from having to walk through their dreaded mall. Still, is it even worth a trip to this tourist trap property?

ketchup!The space is quite large considering I’ve never seen too many people at once in any venue within their shopping mall. There is a bar at the outside corner with about 8 stools inside and a counter facing out for take away beverages, plus a number of 2- and 4-top tables throughout and another high top long table with 10 seats. Ordering is a bit confusing; there were a few iPads at the front on a stand in a self-ordering section, but they weren’t working the day of my visit so I was guided to one of the registers alongside them. The drink station is way in the back corner of the restaurant next to a large rack of their unlabeled generic hamburger buns and cases of beer. The menu features quite a selection of pre-designed burgers, dogs, virgin and spiked shakes as well as several types of fries. Also, for a place with the word ‘ketchup’ in its name, you’d expect a larger selection than the four that I was able to choose from, with one being generic ketchup flavor.

looks deceivingTrying to keep my burger fairly simple to sample what they’re capable of, I went with the mushroom Swiss burger: Angus beef patty, grilled mushrooms, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese and mayo. Upon first bite I was able to identify a completely generic beef patty; it was cooked ok but tasted like something you’d get at a ballpark and not what you’d expect for a ‘premium’ burger bar. The onions completely overpowered most of the flavors, and were a bit undercooked for my taste. The bun looked overdone, but was actually fresh and pretty good considering its generic presence. The half-melted cheese didn’t have a great presence, and the mushrooms were probably less noticeable than the mayo. Overall there was nothing good about this burger.

The fries were of the slightly thick cut, definitely generic frozen variety. They were seasoned with your typical fry seasoning and totally undercooked. Also the oil flavor was possibly a little foul even considering this was fairly early in the day. Not only was the burger and fries not great, but this meal with a drink came to a whopping $16.19! I don’t remember being told what my total was at the time of ordering, and wasn’t even given a receipt after my purchase. I usually come at these meals ready to spend whatever it takes to do my review, but when I logged into my account later to see the amount I was shocked based on what I was given. Evaluating this meal on that price is bad enough, but when you consider that BurGR is just down the hall in the casino, I could not recommend that you buy a burger here.

Overall score: 51

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