Hennessey’s Tavern

January 8th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

looks okThis week I’m going to skip covering some of the newly-opened restaurants in town to deal with another place that boldly advertises its burger as “voted best burger in Las Vegas” on a colorful banner right on the corner of Fremont Street and Las Vegas Blvd. I’m definitely not aware of everything going on in town burger-wise, but by being the self-titled ‘burger guy’ for Vegas I’m fairly aware of most contests that would elect such a title. So when my coworker pointed out one day that Hennessey’s Tavern had such a banner on their patio, I just had to look into this. I’ve had a couple folks suggest their burgers over the years, but it just hasn’t been a priority with so many more popular and generally accepted places to try. But being a glutton for punishment and fulfilling my self-induced duties, I headed over to see if they could offer a contender for the best burger in town.

irish?For those unfamiliar with the Fremont St area, Hennessey’s is your typical generic ‘Irish’ pub with cheap drinks, cheap food, and the average sub-Strip tourist crowd. The interior is dark, dirty, smoky, and undoubtedly loud on weekends when they’re packed and a band is playing. During the day you will have a mix of locals on their lunch breaks along with some tourists, during the evenings you can expect a slightly louder, less refined crowd. There is also a patio for you to dine on while you take in all the lovely sights and characters walking by. Their extensive menu features just about any type of food you can mention, and I won’t even bother listing it all here.

basic pattyAs for their burger offerings, they do have quite a selection on their menu, and maybe even more than most dedicated burger joints in town. With 15 pre-designed burgers and even more options, this is certainly a substantial group, yet I still went with a simple favorite of mine: the mushroom burger. The bun was ok; fresh, not too dry and well-proportioned to the patty. The patty had slight char flavor, but it was super generic and overcooked with no seasoning or good beefy flavor. The mushrooms were just ok too, and didn’t have much flavor. The cheese was there but I didn’t taste it. This was definitely not the best in Vegas, and not even the best on Fremont Street.

says who?The fries were oily and generic, although most of them were cooked well. While I usually eat almost all of my fries with a burger meal, these weren’t quite good enough for me to do so this time. They do offer a decent deal on Tuesdays with two-for-one burgers, but I’m still not sure this is really worth it. Our two burgers came to $13.30 which I guess isn’t a bad deal when there are definitely more expensive and worse burgers around the area, but I’d really like to know who exactly voted in this contest.

Overall score: 60

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