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January 16th, 2014 by Erik Chudy

strange garnishBecause Vegas didn’t have quite enough celebrity-backed burger joints, the Venetian recently opened the tongue-twisting B&B Burger and Beer by Batali and Bastianich. This restaurant replaces the short lived and highly touted Rattlecan, which served some fantastic burgers and had a great interior. There was a lot of drama surrounding their early demise, but rumors flew around of the space not being what the Venetian wanted to display, and other odd things. That rumor is slightly hard to believe when you look at the atrocity of design close by that is the Bourbon Room, so who knows. Regardless, this duo provides some great meals in other locations within the property and throughout other parts of the country, so surely it would be a good replacement?

not RattlecanAs I mentioned above, the interior of Rattlecan was great; custom graffiti everywhere, cool artwork, and a great bar made of skateboard decks. What has replaced it is a bright, boring, and poorly decorated space that feels much smaller than its predecessor and somehow way less inviting. The orange, yellow and red tones are horrible from the floors to the wall sconces, the tables look cheap, and the space overall just doesn’t look like a burger joint that sells $14+ burgers. The muted wood tones in the clunky booth section bisecting the space as well as the dull back bar do nothing to spice up the environment, and the wavy ceiling feature made me feel like I was in a Denny’s. Their menu is pretty simple; snacks, salads, shakes, burgers and heroes. The snacks and salads don’t seem offer much, and the heroes sound more impressive than their small handful of burger choices.

juicy!With a recommendation by the waiter I went with the Royale with Cheese: robiola cheese, caramelized onions, grilled treviso and parmigiano-marscapone cream. What came out was a decent sized burger accompanied by an odd side of pickled carrots and onions. The bun was fresh, gooey, and well proportioned. The meat was really good; very fresh and juicy, just lacking any seasoning or flavor. The burger was very creamy, almost too much. The onions were barely noticeable aside from a couple bites, and the treviso wasn’t strong enough of a flavor to be noticed, but good on its own when pulled out. Overall it was a very good burger; messy, creamy, juicy, all the things you’d want, but there was just that bit of beef flavor that was missing.

the offending friesAs for the fries, this is where the restaurant starts to piss me off. Spending $6 for a side of fries when you’re already spending $31 on two burgers is just insulting, even on the strip. These on-Strip places need to remember that there is a huge local base of customers here to support them if the prices were even somewhat reasonable. This price is not. The fries themselves had good flavor, were of the thin, natural cut variety, but they were completely undercooked. You get a good sized portion that can be shared by two people, but spending that much for just one person on a bit of potatoes is stupid. For our two burgers and fries we spent $40 before tip, and that’s just ridiculous. While they do offer up at least one decent burger, I wasn’t crazy about the bite I had of the Really Good burger, I didn’t really try much else. The slightly ridiculous prices combined with my longing for what used to occupy this space may not bring me back to try anything else.

Overall score: 72

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  1. Pete Neumann says:

    Wow..our experiences at B and B were completely different. I was there last night, and I found it to be one of the top burgers in the country. I thought that the prices were reasonable considering the fact that their beef buyer works directly with Niman Ranch and then they grind and blend fresh daily.

  2. This burger looks so simple but I know i’m going to like their buns. I love buns with lots of sesame seeds.

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