Off the Strip (Spring Valley)

December 13th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

X marks the spotSo apparently I’ve been so incredibly busy that there hasn’t been a post in over a month. My bad! I was on a good roll there for a while posting a review almost every week… There are a few new places that have opened up in the last couple weeks so I’ll do my best to get into them since we finally have something new in town to talk about, as opposed to the one you’re about to read. That probably wasn’t the best segue into this review, but I’m here to talk about an off-Strip location that happens to be called Off the Strip. In doing a quick google search there are actually two places in town with this same name, I’m referring to the location on Tropicana in a former Timbers space. Sounds intriguing already doesn’t it?

nothing to see hereAs I just said this version of Off the Strip is located on the West side of Tropicana in an old Timbers Bar and Grill space, so you can expect the same smoky environment and mostly untouched building décor you’d find in any of the other Timbers locations around town. The owners of the new space may have redecorated a bit on the inside, but when you pull up there’s no doubting its history. And did I mention it’s a bit smoky in there? From what I read online and what we experienced on our visit, the service can be a bit spotty. You can sit wherever you like, so I guess it’s a bit of Russian Roulette as to what kind of coverage you’re about to receive when you select a table. Our waitress disappeared for long periods of time throughout our visit, and never refilled our waters after they emptied about halfway through our stay. The menu features just about everything you could think of from a typical neighborhood bar and grill, plus offering the full beer and drink menus that they all carry. Also, if anyone from the restaurant reads this review, it is never spelled “potatoe salad”; I counted this error at least two times on your menu.

smallI was sent in by a friend to try their crazy double burger on the menu, but chickened out at the last minute and ordered their regular bacon and cheddar burger instead. The bun was flaky, gooey, maybe a bit on the store-bought generic side but quite good. The patty was a little small; I was afraid of the double burger at first but not after eating this one. The beef itself was decent; maybe a bit overcooked and possibly a pre-made patty, but had ok flavor overall. The bacon was crispy, smoky and cooked well which can be hard for many restaurants to handle. The cheese was melted and also pretty good. It was  accompanied by a good pickle slice which I definitely appreciate for some reason. Overall this was a perfectly decent burger, and I believe I said just that out loud as I was eating it.

The fries were just ok; some were not cooked enough and they were maybe a tiny bit too oily overall. I don’t even know what to say about fries these days, it seems as though very few places are putting any effort into them. For $9 this was a perfectly decent deal, and about what you could expect from your average local spot trying to serve a little better than average food. I will note that my fiancée got the angus sliders, and they were completely overcooked so be mindful if you’re going for those instead. I can’t say I’d go out of my way to come back here, but if you’re in the mood for a local bar with fairly cheap drinks and reasonably priced decent food, you’ll do ok here.

Overall score: 75

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