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December 19th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

what's on my chip?I’m going to do my best in the next few weeks to tackle several of the new restaurants that have opened lately so you’re all aware of any changes to the burger landscape of Vegas. One such place is Echo & Rig in the ever-failing Tivoli Village in Summerlin. It was just reported this week that Ogden’s highly anticipated Hops & Harvest has already closed after only 6 months, and I’m always hearing rumors of poor sales and empty seats at many other venues within this miserable shopping area. That being said, I’ve heard Echo serves up some delicious steaks and the butcher stand concept sounded pretty interesting, so do they serve up an equally decent burger?

weird spaceTheir butcher stand is located on the main floor along with a small bar, charcuterie stand and hostess area. You have to wait in this awkwardly laid out area with not enough seats for the hostesses to run up and down the stairs to the main seating area of the restaurant, one party at a time. My visit was on a quiet Saturday afternoon, yet we still managed to wait a solid 10 minutes to be seated with only two parties ahead of us. When we got upstairs I was pretty confused by how long we had to wait based on how empty the dining room was, hopefully they figured out a better system during busy hours! Then our waiter took the orders for the 10 person table near us and disappeared for a good 5 minutes before finally coming back to take our drink and food orders at the same time. Plus we pointed out that both of our water glasses were dirty so he swapped them with two from the table next to us, which got immediately placed back into that table setting. Yum! The dining room is a bit strange, very minimally decorated and doesn’t seem too thought out. Their brunch menu is fairly decent, with a handful of salads, sandwiches, breakfasts, small plates and sides. There is a different dinner menu that can be found here. I would also note that their burger is listed under the SANDWICHES section, for those that don’t think a burger is a sandwich…

juicyTheir burger, in this case the Butcher Blend Burger, comes with USDA prime beef, bibb lettuce, Brandywine tomato and red onion. The bun was a little dry, but the meat was cooked to medium rare as ordered so it wasn’t much of an issue. If this was a well done burger it would have been a vacuum of moisture. The meat had excellent flavor; it was very juicy, peppery and delicious. You could definitely tell this wasn’t cooked with a frozen, pre-made patty. The sharp cheddar I added was flavorful and melted well, the tomato was colorful but didn’t have a strong presence with the meat and oniony mystery base under the patty. I’m not quite sure what it was as that wasn’t a listed item on the menu, but it was quite tasty.

Sadly the burger comes with chips, fries would have been extra. The chips were good; crunchy and of your kettle variety but not the fries I want with a good burger. Overall this was a pretty great deal for $12, but could have been way better with fries instead of chips. What makes this not such a great meal was the experience at the beginning and our service overall. I hate to say it but our waiter sucked, he was non-existent for much of our meal, never took away our table setup plates so our two-person table was a little crowded, and we sat for a full 10 minutes after our meals were done before he returned. We spotted him rolling silverware in the kitchen area while we sat around, and all the managers were having a little powwow to the side. The food seemed pretty good, but service like this is unacceptable even during quiet hours. I would probably have given my burger a score in the high 80’s based on the quality, but we walked out with such a bad feeling after this that I have to go by my overall experience. If you’re in this area and want a great burger, stick with Honey Salt.

Overall score: 70

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  1. Benjamin says:

    I just tried this one, and Erik I gotta say this one was likely the best burger I have ever eaten. I took my step son, and he was of the same opinion. We both also thought that fries would have been a better choice than the chips.

    My experience with the wait staff was the opposite of yours… If anything I thought they were too present. You reach a point where it is like, “Okay guy, if I need something I will let you know!” One thing that did rub me the wrong way was the pretentiousness of the staff. I know, it is an upscale place, not a burger joint but still, enough is enough. To their credit they did not blink when we ordered 2 burgers.

    I did observe the manager powwow. Weird. Way too many managers for how crowded it was. Also it was a really loud space, again considering how few people were there. The background music was “eclectic” (I am trying to be diplomatic) and it seemed like everyone was struggling to talk over it.

    The high point of the experience actually happened after the meal. The burger was GREAT, and we were leaving pretty fat and happy. When we were just about to the front door, the butcher came out from behind his work station (They have a full butcher shop here and they are cutting meat to order in full view of the customers. The main dining area is upstairs and away from this for those who are less fascinated with the process) and asked us how things had been we. We told him how much we had loved the burgers and then we started talking about the meat in general. This guy knows his stuff, and has a real passion for it. It was really nice to be able to hear from him what they do there. It turns out the our burgers had been ground to order from rib eye. That explains the juicy yumminess!

    I put this place down as a “definitely will visit again”.

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