MGM All-Star Burger Bash Preview

October 1st, 2013 by Erik Chudy

So yesterday I got invited to the All-Star Burger Bash portion of the 4th Annual Food & Wine All-Star Weekend at MGM and I’m pretty excited. The whole thing is a 3 day long set of food-centric events at the MGM Grand, but this is really the only part that pertains to me of course. It looks like tickets are still available for several of the events, so if you’re interested definitely go check it out for yourself. I will be at the MGM Grand Pool on Saturday from 1:30-3:30 to sample the many different burgers that are being featured. Needless to say, I probably won’t be eating breakfast beforehand.

You can expect a full rundown and hopefully pictures of each burger next week after the event, but in the meantime here’s a preview of what will be offered:

Emeril’s New Orleans Fish HouseThe restaurant representing the chef synonymous of kicking it up a notch will serve the Hand Ground Burger SteakA creation from Chef de Cuisine Heath Cicerilli, this burger provides a serving of appetizing oxtail marmalade, topped with horseradish havarti cheese and crispy onion crust all set in between a handmade potato roll.

ShibuyaPossibly the most fascinating entry comes from MGM Grand’s popular Japanese eatery and Executive Chef Heather Zheng. The Nori Salmon Burger meshes an American classic with Far East cuisine. An indulgent piece of Salmon will act as the patty appropriately topped with wasabi relish and asparagus slaw.

Michael Mina PUB 1842:  The newest restaurant to come to MGM Grand has prepared its special signature on a burger favorite. Executive Chef Anthony Schutz has created a signature Bacon Cheeseburger that delivers above and beyond what the name itself promises. This masterpiece takes the beef patty and smothers it with smoked gouda and melted ‘Merican cheese. The burger is finished off with lettuce, PUB 1842s’ secret sauce, bacon and then finally… more bacon!

Avenue 24 Bar & Grill: MGM Grand’s 24 hour bar’s Executive Chef Steve Barr has put his own gourmet spin on each ingredient of the Classic Slider. Instead of a regular beef patty, this burger’s meat is sourced from fine beef cheek. Rather than tomatoes and cheese, Chef Barr topped this burger with a flavorful boursin cheese smear and tomato jam. The burger is completed with shallot cracklings and placed in between a salted caraway brioche bun.

Fiamma TrattoriaThe Italian cuisine staple inside MGM Grand plays homage to its roots with the Tuscan Sliders. Chef Ilse Poyato crafted this burger from house ground prime beef. These tasty creations are completed with white cheddar, red onion pickle and a nice piece of prosciutto for that Italian flare.

Tom Colicchio’s CraftsteakThe celebrity chef steakhouse from the Top Chef judge will create a burger that would be sure to earn top scores from Chef Colicchio. Executive Chef Robert Kirchhoff’s Grilled Beef Burger is made with a pork belly patty, a slice of an heirloom tomato and then provided an extra pop of flavor with blue cheese and a zesty chipotle BBQ sauce.

Wolfgang Puck Bar & GrillPossibly the most intricate burger of the bunch comes from the world famous Wolfgang Puck restaurant and its chef Michael Tiva. The Grilled Slider aims to delight the discerning foodie with its complex toppings of gouda cheese, habanero tamto chutney, IPA caramelized onion, reutberger dunkel bustard, arugula, arrogant bastard beer battered cipollini all on a fresh pretzel bun.

L’Atelier de Joël RobuchonThe restaurant that bears the name of the man to earn more Michelin stars than anyone else in the world, has created a gastronomic jackpot from Chopped Champion and Executive Chef Steve Benjamin. Le Burger is a salute to French dining as delectable beef is topped with a hearty slab of the finest foie gras and completed with caramelized bell peppers.

Whew! Can’t wait to check some of these out. Hope to see some of you there!

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