Gordon Biersch

October 17th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

looks greatIf you’ve lived in Vegas for any length of time you have probably been invited to join a group of coworkers for Happy Hour at Gordon Biersch at some point. I’ve been there countless times in the 9+ years I’ve lived here for going away parties, or just random group gatherings, but never gave much thought to the quality of the food. So when I was recently sent over there during the day for another work related item, the suggestion arose for me to take the opportunity and check out the burger. I can’t say anyone has mentioned their burger to me throughout my time as ‘burger blogger’, so I was a bit skeptical by this idea but gladly took on the challenge as I always do.

a bit datedThere are two Biersch locations in town, the long standing one on Paradise near the airport, and a newer location in Summerlin. I actually haven’t been to the one in Summerlin because there are far better selections in the area if I’m going to bother eating around there. The same could be said for the Paradise location, but it’s probably the cheaper of the touristy selections around there. The exterior of the restaurant is still pretty cool, but the interior’s ‘brewery’ look is starting to seem a bit dated. Whether you’re there for lunch or dinner the place is always fairly populated between the close proximity to convention halls and hotels as well as the adjacent office parks. There are plenty of seats around the bar/lounge, as well as booths and tables both inside and out. The menu is all over the place with appetizers, pizzas, sandwiches, desserts, you name it. While they may not offer the healthiest options, they do have a decent Happy Hour with a few good snacks.

gooeyWhile pondering which of their Knife & Fork Burgers to try the waitress suggested an off-the-menu but highly popular Swiss and mushroom burger, which also happens to be one of my favorites so I jumped on it. Served with a large knife skewered through it, the massive burger looked great upon arrival. The flaky, gooey bun was quite good and very well-proportioned to the meat. The patty seemed to be pre-formed, but of good quality; the char flavor was present upon the first few bites but got a little lost with everything else once I really got into it. The mushrooms had great flavor, and the Swiss was melted well but not incredibly present. Overall it was very juicy, flavorful, and a huge surprise.

Their ‘legendary’ fries are good, but actually a bit too garlicky for me. Also the whole batch was a bit undercooked and soggy so they weren’t the best example that day. You get a huge portion, easily enough for two people if you’re looking to share. $11.50 for this burger is a great deal considering its size, quality, large portion of fries, and proximity to convention-oriented hotels. While I hate spending $2.95 for an iced tea, $15.62 is still not a bad deal for everything you get. Swap that with a beer and you’ve got yourself a pretty good meal.

Overall score: 89

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