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September 18th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

calm before the stormThis is one of those meals that was so disastrous that I had to wait several days to write the review with a cool head. Plus, I’m sure the events below are identifiable enough for the wait staff to remember exactly who we were. Whatever, this is what I do. I recently had a surprisingly excellent burger at RM Seafood, so I was really excited to head upstairs and try the new one on the menu at Rx Boiler Room. But as you can see from my comments this didn’t go so well, and the downstairs restaurant is nothing like the upstairs one. I’m sure this post will follow with complaints, and I can’t wait to receive them!



steampunk?Rx is the recently remodeled upstairs lounge for the old timer RM Seafood just inside Mandalay Place. The place was designed with steampunk in mind, but I think one too many items were value engineered out of the original design because it doesn’t quite successfully portray that look in my opinion. There are a few neat elements inside the space, but it’s a far cry from what I would envision if I heard someone call it a steampunk themed restaurant. The fake gears, empty beakers and slightly cool light fixtures hardly make it steampunk. There’s a bar area with some additional lounge seats, plus a more formal dining area beyond. The menu features many overpriced small bites as well as full meals, and don’t forget to check out their overpriced drink menu on one of their iPads for mostly $14-16 cocktails that are extremely small.

cooked wellWe ordered two Johnny’s Big Dry-Aged Burgers, which come with lettuce, house-made pickles, tomato jam and balsamic onions. Up until this point our waitress was fine, but when she asked if we wanted any sides with the two $18 burgers we just ordered, I asked (and assumed) if they came with fries. Her response was, “it’s a burger” and gave us a very blank stare. Not quite the response I would have given, but ok. So we ordered one side of fries as this meal was already adding up pretty quickly. One of our burgers was ordered medium, and the other medium rare, so when they were brought out and placed in front of us without any noticeable markings we asked the server which was which and were presented with another semi-dickish response: “I put the right one in the right spot”. Ok whatever. The bun was extremely dry, so dry in fact that we could tell as soon as we picked up our burgers. The tomato jam was non-existent, and the thousand island type sauce added another odd bitterness that wasn’t quite great but also not incredibly prominent. I got the perception that the meat was just ok quality, and it could have very well been a premade patty based on its form, but because the patties are apparently made from dry-aged prime as opposed to ground beef, I’m not sure what to think. It was cooked well, close to the medium rare I ordered, but there was a bitter char flavor that was a bit too prominent when tasted on its own. The caramelized onions were a bit too crunchy and not cooked enough either. Overall this was a total fail, forget even comparing it to the one downstairs. Oh and that plank of wood you see under the burger in the picture below isn’t the table, but the completely stupid ‘plate’ it comes out on top of.

expensive friesAnd to top it off, the fries sucked. They were close to those of In-N-Out, but not quite as good. Some were cooked well, but many were very undercooked and soggy. We then found out after we got our bill that these fries cost $9!!!! That is just fucking ridiculous, I’m actually angry that I had to pay that much for fries, even given the larger portion you get. I would also note that I typically keep these posts pretty clean, but charging $9 for fries even in a Strip location is worthy of a curse word.

And speaking of our bill let me jump back a bit. My fiancée liked her burger far less than I did; the overly dry bun caused her to initially remove the top portion and only eat half the bun, but she eventually went to just eating the toppings and patty with a fork and knife. Because of this she was forced to sample the full bitter flavor of the char that was on these patties, and it was too much for her. I didn’t notice this flavor as much when it was mixed with my bun and various toppings, although I did catch a few bitter bites towards the end of mine when there wasn’t much else left. After much nervous deliberation on her part, I told her to say something to our waitress and get a different meal.  Our waitress asked what was wrong and we explained the bitter char flavor and dry bun. She tried to claim it was because the patty was made with prime and not ground beef, so it had a different flavor we might not be used to. We tried to argue it wasn’t that, but maybe an unclean grill or just the method it is cooked with, and she then countered that it could be the tomato jam, and that many people order without. We explained we’ve had tomato jam before and this certainly wasn’t it. Whatever the explanation may be, in this instance the customer is always right, stop arguing weird details, apologize and take a new order.

that's a plate!In the end her burger and replacement salad were both taken care of, along with an additional $4 towards my burger, and the manager came over to assure us that the grill was very clean. Either way this was just way too expensive of a meal for what we got. If nothing was comped for this meal, it would have cost us $75 for two drinks, two burgers and one side of fries; or in other words far too much money for what you get. I don’t care if this is a Strip location or not, places starting to charge $5+ to add 50 cents worth of potato to my already overpriced burger is getting absurd, and I will seriously start calling places out for it. Even with one burger removed, our replacement meal not being charged, and an additional $4 off this meal was still $57.29 before tip which is just insane. This burger sucked, this experience sucked, and we paid far too much for it. Do yourself a favor and stay downstairs in the seafood(!!!) restaurant if you want a good burger.

Overall score: 55

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  1. Rob G says:

    I’m curious, have you ever been tempted to point out to them that you’re
    “the VegasBurgerBlog” guy during discussions with managers after having eaten.. I hate when food crits point it out before the meal, cause then the kitchen staff gets a heads up.

    Sounds like this might have been a good time to do so to the manager (and the wait staff) as a “hey, i’m no moron when it comes to burgers”

  2. Adi says:

    I really detest it when servers provide a dick-ish response implying that maybe this place is a bit too good for you dear customer! This is not how anyone working in the service industry is ever supposed to respond to any customer… Thanks for the heads up, I’m not going anywhere close to this place!

  3. Randi says:

    Good Grief. This must have been bad when you drop the F bomb. I have read all of your posts and this was by far the most horrendous. Yikes. Glad someone is out there handling this bizzz. I would be livid paying 9 bucks for soggy fries.

  4. Will says:


    Nothing about your experience surprises me. In fact, it sounds typical. What would have surprised me is the food NOT being absurdly overpriced, and mildly disappointing, or the server NOT treating customers with mild contempt/indifference. Cheers for putting these douchey knobbers on blast.

  5. bob miller says:

    I think you are doing a great job and keeping it on the down low is so refreshing compared to the other food writers in town that try to stand out so much. After burgers its time to expand your food categories, this coming from a strip chef

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