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August 21st, 2013 by Erik Chudy

pickles!One of my long time favorites in town, Burger Bar, has seriously gone downhill in recent visits. This drop in quality has left Mandalay Bay with an opening for someone to step in with a great burger. Citizen’s recently failed to do so, but some recent messages from a few readers let me to an unassuming location: RM Seafood. Going into a seafood restaurant to try a burger seems blasphemous, but I’m around for one task regardless of the type of venue. I’ve also gotten a tip that the newly opened Rx Boiler Room has a great burger, but that will have to be tackled soon on another trip.

cool interiorIn my mind I always think the interior is a bit dated since it’s been there a while, but it still holds up quite well. Adorned with a wood-paneled ceiling, lots of stainless and white finishes, the very open space is still a cool place to dine. There is a small patio area that’s open to the entrance of Mandalay Place, but it’s a bit loud out there unless you’re just looking to be seen while dining. Both the lunch and dinner menus obviously feature some excellent selections in the seafood realm, but they also happen to offer a couple burgers. Looking to sample the basic flavors of their burger, I decided to skip the surf & turf as well as the one that comes with BBQ pork mac and cheese.

thin but goodThe simpler RM Burger comes with certified Angus beef, tomato bacon jam and gruyere. The bun was great; well proportioned, buttery and delicious. It was crispy and buttery until the very end. The meat had good char flavor on outside, was cooked and seasoned very well. The bacon tomato jam was excellent, but almost too outdone by the garlic mayo mixed in the greens which also had great flavor. As for those greens, it was arugula as opposed to your typical lettuce, and a welcome change; crispy and just enough. I was extremely surprised but the quality and flavors in this burger, and couldn’t have been happier with it.

I usually want to hate shoestring fries, but these were both seasoned and flavorful enough that I didn’t have to shove a giant handful at once in my mouth to get any flavor out of them. They were cooked well, and didn’t have any of the odd oil flavor that I come across far too often. As I said previously, I couldn’t have been more surprised by this burger; no one has mentioned it to me until recently, and that’s a pity. At $18 it’s a bit on the expensive side, but as you can easily spend the same or more at Burger Bar I’d rather spend it here. I did a quick search and found a burger on Stripsteak’s menu that I guess I’ll also have to try, but until I do I can easily state that the RM Seafood burger is currently the best one I’ve had at Mandalay Bay.

Overall score: 90

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  1. Jean says:

    This is an excellent review, and leaves me wanting to try RM’s burger. I’ve dined at RM on…. I can’t recall the main dish, but had the Key Lime pie which was delicious.

  2. Hubert says:

    Im curious, how has Burger Bar gone downhill? I haven’t eaten there in 2 years but I still recommend the place.

    • Erik Chudy says:

      Is this really Mr Keller?? Honestly Burger Bar has been one of my absolute favorites since probably 2006, and I have been putting it at the top of my go-to list since that time. But the last few visits in the past year have been quite disappointing. The consistency has gone away; I’ve always said that if you order a burger medium rare, it will be perfect every time, but not as much any more. The buns, fries and individual ingredients don’t seem to be as high of quality when compared to other places in town anymore, and even with some slight refreshes to the menu, the overall concept and selection somehow seems dated. Additionally, because it is in such a tourist driven shopping location, I feel like the wait staff knows this and treats their customers accordingly, which doesn’t bode well for regular locals such as myself. I really want to love it still, but have a hard time holding that regard with my declining experiences and perceptions. Just my two cents…

  3. joeinvegas says:

    Burger Bar has gone downhill? It’s always been my favorite, about time to stop by again. After reading this I think I’ll compare it with RM as well.

  4. Brian G. says:

    I’ll add RM Seafood to my list for my next visit to Vegas. I had a similar experience with Bonefish Grill. They have an amazing Kobe burger that I would never have ever thought of ordering, but yet I am going to struggle next time to not order again.

    As for Burger bar, I have only been twice in my visits to Vegas, the last time being last week and I thought that the Dry Aged Angus burger was terrific. Their Onion Rings were great as well. Then again, my pov might be skewed as I had a 3 year gap between visits and haven’t been regularly.

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