Roxy’s Diner

July 9th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

looks okBusy with work and summer trips, my opportunities to knock off burgers on my to-do list have been limited lately, hence the infrequent posts. And because of this I have been forced to do some less than ideal locations based on proximity to my office and random opportunities. This leads us directly to our next adventure at Roxy’s Diner inside the Stratosphere; a property certainly not known for fine dining by any locals or pretty much anyone that’s interested in good food despite one of the Yelp ‘reviews’ claiming that the Stratosphere has “the best food options on the strip”. Laughable indeed, just as much as this meal. 

very red!Roxy’s is ‘50s themed all the way from the music, outfits to the decor complete with awful reflective walls and ceiling. Did any places in the ‘50s actually get built to this extreme or has this look become an over-exaggerated cartoon version of what we think the era to be? The open kitchen is a cross between a Fatburger and Johnny Rockets, the restaurant is a mix of everything you could ever think of. It is filled with almost all 4 person booths, along with a few loose tables for larger groups. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I didn’t get to witness any of their singing which supposedly happens here. Still it is definitely not quiet in here as the music drowns out pretty much any sort of conversation you may want to have. Their menu features pretty much any item you could possibly think of for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert at any time of day. Within this menu are many options for burgers, including the more recently hyped Claire Sinclair’s Sin City Burger to commemorate her new burlesque show in the property, which is a half-pound burger with a fried egg, pepper jack cheese, mushrooms and caramelized onions.

vacuumWhat came out initially looked decent, but turned out to be a mess. The huge, dry vacuum of a bun sucked any moisture and flavor from this burger the entire time. The large pre-formed and probably frozen patty had good char flavor upon first bite, but that char quickly turned to a bitter flavor and wasn’t that great the rest of the way. It was cooked a little too much for medium rare, which was probably ok given the quality, and still managed to make a large mess on my plate and hands even though it came off as very dry throughout my meal. The fried onions were cold upon arrival, and not much better than the premade generic ones you get for your typical green bean casserole dish on thanksgiving. The ‘caramelized’ onions were your typical pan fried onions, not very caramelized but had ok flavor. The egg was non-existent, as were the mushrooms; I pulled one out to try on its own and it had decent flavor. The lettuce and tomato were decent, if maybe a little light compared to the mass amount of everything else. Overall this tasted like nothing but dry bun with a bit of onion flavor. Not really sure what all the local bloggers and press people were raving about, but maybe if I was staring at Claire while eating this I might like it more too?

The fries were awful; almost approaching room temperature, and of your basic frozen variety complete with a stale oily flavor. And if the meal was barely tolerable, it took a solid 7 minutes of me staring at my empty plate with a crumpled napkin on top and empty glass of iced tea before anyone acknowledged me again to get my check. But I guess going anywhere in the lovely Stratosphere, let alone a crappy ‘50s diner, you’re not coming for ambiance or excellent service despite what its visitors have to say online. And apparently you’re not coming here for a decent burger either. My burger and iced tea came to a completely unreasonable $17.27 for what I got, and I couldn’t recommend avoiding it any more. Now that the Top of the World restaurant took the burger off their menu, I’m not really sure what your burger options are within the property, but I’m not really sure what you’re doing there anyway.

Overall score: 52

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