La Comida

May 15th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

gooey bunContinuing the theme of restaurants on East Fremont, today’s review comes to you via the just-opened La Comida, the Mexican joint from Michael Morton around the corner from Commonwealth, Le Thai and all the other hipster hot-spots in the area. I heard early on that they were going to have a burger on their menu, so the anticipation was there long before the restaurant opened. Normally I wouldn’t jump on a restaurant within their first week of opening, let alone a Mexican restaurant that also happens to have a burger on their menu, so this was a huge risk for failure. Not being one to ever turn down any sort of burger meal, risk or not, I bravely ventured in here to give their hamburguesa a shot. How did it fare?

colorfulLa Comida is located in the El Cortez’ old laundry facility space on 6th Street, just around the corner from a majority of the foot traffic in the area, so those that don’t know of its presence may miss it altogether. But if you happen to venture around the corner, you’ll quickly see their funky neon skeleton monkey sign hanging from the top of the parapet. There’s a small patio outside with a handful of tables, a rustic bar with maybe 14 seats, and a number of different sized tables offering the combination of various dining groups. The space is open to the wood framed roof above, with lots of reclaimed wood decorative items, stained glass, and a huge tequila selection behind the bar. It’s a pretty cool interior, and definitely fits with the theme of the menu. And speaking of the menu, it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere online yet but features some great sounding items like mesquite-smoked pork shoulder with avocado sauce and plantain chips, beef skirt steak with wild mushroom and oven-roasted poblano peppers, tacos and plenty more. There is also quite the list of specialty margaritas to work your way through.

guac!As usual I’m here for one thing; in this case it is called the Hamburguesa Mexicana and comes with ancho chiles, avocado, Oaxaca cheese and sweet potato fries. Upon first bite I instantly noticed how fantastic the bun was, and it instantly made me think of Bachi’s. Could it be the same supplier? The next thing I noticed was the great chorizo flavor mixed in with the ancho chiles that I wasn’t expecting based on the description, but it was a very welcome surprise. The patty meat had good flavor, but I question its quality based on your only two options for cooking temperature: medium or well. Without hesitation I went with medium, but it was cooked a bit beyond that in this case. Still, it wasn’t too dry, and the combination of guac, chorizo and ancho chiles made for some really great flavors. The Oaxaca cheese was flavorful, melted well and even had some nice brown to it from the cooking temps. Overall this burger was a surprising success.

The sweet potato fries were also great; sweet and cooked very well. They came out seasoned with just a bit of salt and were a nice companion to the flavors of the burger. At $14 I wish it was a tiny bit cheaper, but if you compare it to another burger in close proximity that wasn’t nearly as good at $12, this isn’t so bad. I think the prices of everything on the menu are a few dollars too high and portions a bit small, as I’ve been back a couple more times to try some of their other signature dishes. The food is really good, although they should look into alternates for their soft taco shells as theirs have fallen apart on me a bit too easily on both visits. Either way this is a really fun restaurant, and a great addition to the East Fremont area. The entire staff is very attentive and has treated us well every time we’ve gone in there so far; definitely check this place out if you’re in the area looking for a good burger, good Mexican meal or just a fun scene.

Overall score: 89

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  1. everything looks delicious!!!

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    Yummy!! this looks sabroso!!!

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