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Binion’s Café

May 24th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

gross sweaty cheeseI’ll keep this one short and sweet since it doesn’t deserve the full treatment based on what you get. As many of my frequent readers probably know, I recently moved my office to the downtown area which opened up an opportunity to try out a whole slew of new places. Today’s review comes from a tip a Twitter friend sent me for a supposed hidden cheap gem at Binion’s Café based on a questionable review. Cheap it was, good it wasn’t. continue reading »

La Comida

May 15th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

gooey bunContinuing the theme of restaurants on East Fremont, today’s review comes to you via the just-opened La Comida, the Mexican joint from Michael Morton around the corner from Commonwealth, Le Thai and all the other hipster hot-spots in the area. I heard early on that they were going to have a burger on their menu, so the anticipation was there long before the restaurant opened. Normally I wouldn’t jump on a restaurant within their first week of opening, let alone a Mexican restaurant that also happens to have a burger on their menu, so this was a huge risk for failure. Not being one to ever turn down any sort of burger meal, risk or not, I bravely ventured in here to give their hamburguesa a shot. How did it fare? continue reading »

Honey Salt (a revisit)

May 9th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

two burgers!I think there are many overrated restaurants throughout the valley, especially on the Strip. Several of the off-Strip locations that have opened in the past year have been getting lots of attention from the reviewers in town, some of which I may have been unimpressed by on my first visit. A perfect example is Honey Salt in Summerlin; I went a few weeks after opening and wasn’t thrilled with the burger or much else that we ordered. But the constant comments around town from other writers and friends has started to make me think otherwise, so when an opportunity arose for me to come back for another visit I jumped on it. Armed with the knowledge of what I’m really supposed to order off their menu this time, as well as the fact they knew I was coming all meant this should be much better than my first time. Right? continue reading »

Park on Fremont

May 2nd, 2013 by Erik Chudy

nice presentationI really love everything that’s going on around East Fremont; with all of the new bars and restaurants the scene is really coming together. But along with all those new venues comes droves of hipsters almost as intolerable to me as the droves of tourists on the Strip, so I tend to visit this area during the day for lunch and weeknights. My impatience aside, the downtown area needs great food to go with its great bars, so I was very excited to hear that the new Park on Fremont was going to be serving more than just snacks. Billed as a gastro-pub, this recently abused word suggests a fancy array of snacks and main dishes to go along with a large drink menu. But can this suggestion truly become a reality? continue reading »

The VBB 2013 Burger Tournament Champion

May 1st, 2013 by Erik Chudy

the champs!After a drawn out, dramatic and controversial week, we have a winner in the VBB 2013 Burger Tournament with the title of ‘Best Burger in Las Vegas’: DW Bistro! I would like to congratulate Bryce, Dalton and the entire staff who got completely involved down the stretch and pushed for all their friends, Facebook followers and customers to vote them to the top. Their New Mexican-style green chili cheeseburger and DW turkey burger definitely proved their superiority! I would also like to send major praise to runner-up View Wine Bar for a terrific run through the tournament; hopefully this contest raised awareness for some fantastic off-Strip burgers that were under the radar before. The results of the entire tournament can be seen here. continue reading »