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March 18th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

perfectionI will fully admit that I don’t hide my hatred for over-hyped restaurants on the strip or failed areas of town like Tivoli Village, so it was with great hesitation that I took a few recent suggestions to go try the burger at View Wine Bar. Many restaurants and stores have come and gone from this ghost town of a shopping area, and I question how long anything could survive there based on how few people are around each time I visit. Because no one is ever there I typically assume that this means there’s nothing worthy of perusing or devouring here, but after my most recent visit I couldn’t be more wrong.

weird spaceThe View Wine Bar is located upstairs in the extremely odd and poorly identified Market LV area of Tivoli; billed as “something you would find in New York or San Francisco” this is anything but. They’re trying to provide a series of mom and pop style shops in a ‘cool’ loft style space, but the whole thing seems kind of amateur and is really awkward to walk through. We went on a Saturday and it almost felt like we were accidentally walking into people’s private studios or something. The bar itself isn’t completely defined, but kind of spills out into the circulation of the market. Too much open space in between slightly oversized tables and chairs flank the ‘view’ out to the dinky fountain and lovely valet area below. The menu is tapas-style with many reasonably priced, decent sounding items prepared with the “freshest, seasonal ingredients” according to their website. Being on a mission, I skipped all the tempting items and ordered the 8oz triple angus burger with tomato jam, lettuce, balsamic onions and additional toppings. You also have the choice of egg, pork belly, bacon, caramelized onions and a few other items that don’t sound as good.

perfection againI went with the additional pork belly as I’m always a sucker for it, and what came out a few minutes later looked as amazing as it tasted. The meat had really great fresh beef flavor, not much char but delicious nonetheless and cooked perfectly all the way through. The tomato jam had really good sweet flavor, and the pork belly was really tasty and crispy but not quite present enough. I pulled a few bites out to eat separately and enjoyed them, but would probably just skip it next time to save the dollar and enjoy the rest of the flavors on their own. The shredded lettuce and balsamic glaze were a nice touch. The bun was sweet and fresh; possibly the same as Bachi’s but maybe a tiny but more dry. Also the bun was randomly a bit too cold when it first came out, but warmed up a bit because of the patty as I was eating. The cheese was melted but not at all noticeable with the strong beef and jam flavors to compete with it. The three different pickles speared to the top were all great, and a nice touch to start off my meal. In all this was a fantastic burger and a total shock based on other meals I’ve had there recently.

The fries were equally fantastic; thick and cooked well tossed with white truffle oil and a dusting of parmesan. Sadly there were way too few of them, they should almost double their serving size so I don’t feel like I’m consciously rationing them through my entire meal. The mustard, ketchup and mayo were a good touch too. While $13 might be a few dollars towards the high end for some folks being an off-Strip location, the quality of ingredients and great flavor of this meal make it completely worth it. I’m almost scared as to whether this restaurant will survive based on how few people go to Tivoli, so I suggest you make your way there to eat this burger and keep this place open until I can make it back again.

Overall score: 95

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  1. Moe says:

    I totally agree with you! The View is an awesome place to grab that fresh organic meal. I love every item on the menu! I have travelled as far as from Houston to have eat here! It is totally worth it! See ya there!

  2. Nikki Harrington says:

    We went last Saturday. We had eaten earlier so didn’t try the burger, but will the next time we go. We had the baked brussell sprouts and they were very good. Also, the entertainment, Mark OToole, was terrific.

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