Nobhill Tavern (CLOSED)

March 4th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

huge fries!This meal deserves a full review due to both the longevity of this restaurant in Vegas as well as the quality, but you only have until the end of the month before it closes for good so I’ll keep it short and give you time to get there. Nobhill has been in the MGM Grand for over 12 years now and recently announced their closure to make way for a new venue in a couple months. Known for a killer happy hour, they serve a burger on this menu that has somehow gone under my radar until recently. I only wish I was told about this burger earlier.

Located off the casino towards the end with the much more expensive Robuchon, Nobhill’s interior still looks very cool despite its age. There is a large bar/lounge area in the front with some nice private seating booths, and a large dining room in the back. Their regular menu has lots of great items which you can read about on their website, but the star of this article is only available on their longer than normal happy hour; Tuesday – Friday, 5:30 to close. For a restaurant of this caliber on the strip you don’t often find specialty cocktails for $6 each, but you can here.

perfectThe menu’s description of the Classic Steak Burger is quite simple: cheddar and balsamic onion, but what you’re given is nothing simple. A towering burger with a pickle spear is placed in front of you, along with a very generous portion of fries. The meat had amazing char flavor, with a smokiness to it that was absolutely fantastic. It was also cooked perfectly to the medium rare I had ordered; the right way to consume this type of patty. Speaking of the patty, it had perfect charred edges that I wanted to savor until the last few bites, and I did. The chopped lettuce and sauce toping was great; a tiny bit messy upon the first bite but it surprisingly stayed inside my bun the rest of the time. The few rings of balsamic onions were a good touch, but almost not necessary with the other ingredients. The bun was perfectly proportioned, toasted crispy and not dry. The shaved cheddar wasn’t melted; this was a little bit different than normal but it was really good. After barely finishing this massive burger I couldn’t believe that no one in town had recommended it before, especially considering some of the other garbage that comes through my inbox on a regular basis.

The supposed duck fat fries looked and smelled like the best parts of McDonald’s fries, and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. I say ‘supposed’ because I’m not really sure what made these duck fat fries. The duck fat flavor was not entirely noticeable; I had heard quite a few great things about them, but didn’t quite get it unfortunately. They were really good; cooked well with none being too greasy or raw, I just didn’t get anything special out of the flavor that would have spoken ‘duck fat’. The service size is enormous, definitely enough for two people.

Overall for the price this is a fantastic meal; given the setting and ingredients I could easily see this burger being in the $19-23 range. I hope Chef Mina does something like this or better when 1842 opens later this year in the old Seablue space. Ed and the entire staff that we spoke to during our meal were extremely attentive, knowledgeable and friendly, I really hope to see them all in the new restaurant later this summer. Do yourself a favor and eat this burger before the end of the month.

Overall score: 90

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