D Grill

March 11th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

weird cheeseNow that my office is within walking distance of downtown, I could feasibly tackle every casino on Fremont St, although I’m not sure that’s entirely necessary.  Triple George was certainly worth the review, but I’ve questioned the burger worthy choices of everywhere else. Binion’s Café has also come up in the past few weeks, but that will be saved for another week. The D Las Vegas opened fairly recently, along with its D Grill, which several people have mentioned for its burger. I was skeptical, but once it comes up in conversation I must educate myself on any requested burger in town so off I went.

clean interiorThe D Las Vegas took over and rebranded the Fitzgerald’s Casino & Hotel last year, giving the interior and exterior a much needed refresh. Being a Fremont St location, no matter what you do the shady crowd and smoky interior will persist. Without the help of poor signage I found my way to the D Grill tucked in the back of the second floor of gaming. Half of the space is flanked with tall banquettes and diner style tables and chairs, with some back lit walls. It’s pretty large, and overall looks pretty decent. It was a little smoky despite the fact that no one is allowed to smoke in there, and you even get the faint sound of slots in the background. Their menu, which can’t be found online, has over 75 breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert items which I can’t recall because I only looked at the burger offerings.

overcookedAfter some deliberation I went with the wild mushroom cheese burger: sautéed wild mushrooms, garlic aioli, and asiago cheese on a challah bun. The meat had a really fresh beefy flavor, but it was totally overcooked beyond the medium-rare I ordered and had no char flavor. There was great garlic flavor mixed with the mushrooms because of the aioli, but not much flavor to the mushrooms themselves. The cheese was melted well but not all that flavorful or good. The bun was nice, but a bit too dry and cut poorly so it was too thin on bottom and too thick on top. I think the chef attempted to grill the bun because I noticed some grill marks at the very edges, but the center was apparently not in contact with the grill as I got bites of almost raw butter in some spots. The lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle were all fresh, but didn’t make up for the rest of the problems. Overall it had all the elements to make a somewhat decent burger, but didn’t really achieve it.

The fries were very generic; cooked well but had no great flavor to speak of. Also I received a really small portion, smaller than the other two helpings at my table for some reason. I understand that Fremont St is somewhat of a tourist trap, but this is where you should be able to still get decent deals. At $10.49 I can’t really condone purchasing this burger, especially when you can go around the corner to get Triple George’s burger for $2 more and far better quality.

Overall score: 66

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