Windy City Beefs N Pizza

January 21st, 2013 by Erik Chudy

I hate baskets!Even though my writing isn’t necessarily perfect, I’m here to give you a grammar lesson in addition to my opinion this week. After some burger plans fell through late last week, I scrambled to find a place to review with some very short notice and little time, and headed over to the apparently grammar-challenging Windy City Beefs ‘N Pizza restaurant. People have a hard enough time determining when to place an apostrophe in a pluralized or possessive word, this one promised to bring me several iterations. In addition to presenting me with plenty of silly things to complain about, did it deliver a decent burger?

I’ll get the grammar lesson out of the way before I get into this I guess. This is confusing enough because they operate restaurants called both “Beefs ‘N Dogs” as well as “Beefs ‘N Pizza”. Or is it “Beefs-N-Pizza”? On other websites it is listed as “Beefs N Dogs”, “Beefs and Pizza”, and pretty much any other variation of &, and, N, or ‘N that you can come up with. Guns N’ Roses comes to mind for some reason… My favorite though has to be their sales receipt that skips all the confusion and adds an apostrophe in the absolute wrong location: “Windy City Beef’s & Pizza.” Also on their site you will read “Sorry No Delivery on Saturday’s or Sunday’s.” There are plenty more, but I might be getting a bit too off topic and out of place here so I’ll stop. And if any of you don’t know what’s wrong with what I’ve just laid out, please stop reading my site right now and take a 4th grade English class.

generic and yellowThis particular iteration is located on Eastern just south of the 215 in your average Vegas strip mall. It’s tucked in the corner behind an outdoor seating area identified with some fairly small signage. If I wasn’t specifically looking for it I probably never would have seen it. The interior is filled with your standard plain pizza restaurant furniture, and fully decorated with plenty of Windy City sports team memorabilia. The menu predictably includes plenty of options involving hot dogs, pizzas, sausages, as well as burgers, wings and fingers.

juicyI went with the #6 Windy City’s Burger & Fries: “a mouth watering 100% all beef patty with lettuce, onions, tomato & pickles. Special sauce served on sesame seed bun.” My burger was brought to me in a red plastic basket; I’ve hated this choice over a plate in the past, but it turned out to be large enough to work ok this time. The bun was a bit too large for the patty that was within, but it was very flaky and fresh. The meat had almost a questionable light grey color to it, but was somewhat flavorful and cooked well. It was not quite one of those patties you’d order medium rare, but still ok. The pickles and LTO were all good; fresh and just enough of each. The special sauce was kind of salty, and I’m not sure what it was exactly. I wasn’t too crazy about it, but luckily it was only present in some spots. This was a messy burger, very juicy and not dry. Overall it was decent but nothing to go out of your way for.

The fries were of the very generic frozen variety, but they were cooked so well that I still enjoyed and ate them all. They were presented in a brown paper bag; I’m not sure if this is a tradition in Chicago or something? The #6 is a very reasonable $5.95. I was charged $8.86 so I assume this included another $1.75 for the fountain drink I ordered, and is apparently not included in the meal combo pricing. For a typical strip mall pizza restaurant this was a decent burger, but I think it’s the same that you would get from probably any pizza restaurant in town so I can’t say its worth going out of your way for. Still, if your friends or family are demanding pizza and you feel like eating something else, it’s not the worst burger in the world.

Overall score: 78

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