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January 7th, 2013 by Erik Chudy

that's a good looking burger!You’d think that after a couple years of eating burgers one would run out of places to go in a small-ish city like Las Vegas, yet my to-do list is constantly growing with places I’ve never heard of. And now along comes celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay with not one but three new restaurants in the past several months, including BurGR at the Planet Hollywood. There has been much hype about all of his new locations, especially Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris which supposedly has a 3 month backup for reservations, so the food must be good right? This made my expectations very high for one of his restaurants devoted solely to my favorite meal. But could it possibly deliver?

cool ceilingBurGR is located in the heart of the Planet Hollywood casino; one of the worst places for a local to access next to maybe anything inside of Caesar’s Palace in my book. You have to travel through a full side of the shops and the casino to get to the restaurant which is adjacent to one of the entries off the Strip. Since it had been open barely a week, and also the weekend right before New Year’s, I figured it might be best to make a reservation and called the number on their website. After 4 failed phone calls to either clueless Caesar’s employees not knowing that this new restaurant existed, or being transferred to lines that went to defunct voicemail boxes, I gave up and took a chance walking in. We arrived to a 35+ minute wait for two, with plenty of larger groups waiting at the front. Luckily there was absolutely no one sitting at the bar so we took our chances there. The entry has a pretty large fire feature wall, which at the time of my visit still wasn’t functioning. There is a fairly plain bar that seats about 15 right at the front, with a very open almost cafeteria-like layout of booths and tables. A pretty cool wavy ceiling swoops through most of the space, only broken up by a flat ceiling centered in front of the display kitchen.

The menu is fairly simple, and really focuses on the restaurant’s namesake: burgers. There are a few interesting sounding appetizers, salads and some tasty shakes from what I’ve heard. According to their website the burgers are cooked over an open flame fueled by hard woods, the only burger joint of its kind on the Strip. More about that in a second. What is nice to see is that the menu does offer I believe 11 different kinds of pre-designed burger options; I’ve been to far too many celebrity burger joints on the Strip and found maybe 3 choices on their menu. With this many choices, unless the burger was going to be completely awful I figured I’d have to come back and try one of their more adventurous double stacked burgers that come with a regular patty in addition to another kind of meat.

perfectly proportionedSo with this round I went with the slightly more neutral chanterelle burger: chanterelle mushrooms, arugula and figgy-onion jam. What arrived was a perfectly formed burger on an equal sized, perfectly proportioned bun. For some reason I really wanted to hate this meal coming into it, but I was fairly impressed with it upon first bite; the meat was very good quality, and had really good char flavor around the edges that actually made us think back to our last savored bites of a Bachi burger. But that wood-fueled flavor? Not sure that was it. It was cooked close to the medium rare I had ordered, with some pink throughout but really lacking any sort of juices. The chanterelle mushrooms had really good flavor and were proportioned well, and the arugula was a good touch. I forgot all about the figgy-onion jam until after I had finished the burger; apparently either they did too or it just wasn’t flavorful enough to stand out. Although the bun was sized perfectly, I found it to be very dry and inconsistent, with some overly buttery bites showing up at welcomed moments. Overall it was a very solid burger. My girlfriend actually compared its overall level of perfection in composition and flavor to the consistency of Bachi, which I understand but don’t completely agree with. While I did find the meat to be pretty savory, it’s just not on the same level. And Bachi’s buns? Forget it; the BurGR ones don’t come close.

they look ok...What was a huge letdown for this meal was how awful the fries were; thin, hollow and completely overcooked. We went with the plain fries over the truffle parmesan or sweet potato in order to sample the basics of what are offered, and maybe that was a mistake. Both the curry and chipotle ketchups that accompany the regular fries are good, maybe the chipotle not as much, but neither flavors really go together or make sense with the burgers we ordered. And they were literally so hard and overcooked that my jaw was almost sore from eating them. Having the perfect fries may have changed my overall perception of this meal a bit, as this is a major gripe of mine.

I think $16 for just the burger is also a little high, even being in a Strip location. If one is to truly compare the composed perfection to a Bachi burger, which I feel there is just no comparison to that burger, you can get far more for $9. And $8 for our plain fries is insanely high; I’m not sure I would ever consider spending $11 for their truffle parmesan or $9 for the sweet potato fries after sampling these. If you’re obsessed with Ramsay, or the whole celebrity chef thing, then you’ll probably be impressed with the quality of this burger, as many folks on Yelp seem to be right now. But if you’re looking for simply a fantastic burger, there are far better options on the Strip in better locations, and plenty more throughout the city for a far better price. I will say that since this review became much more of a comparison to Bachi than I anticipated, I’ll be going back to try the Char Siu burger which sounds like something off their menu. I don’t expect to reverse much of my opinion though.

Overall score: 82

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  1. Joseph Alexander says:

    I agree with your ‘thumbs down’ review of BurGR, although I think your rating of 82 is a little high for a mediocre, over-priced burger….and you’re very right, tragically awful fries.

    My review on Yelp is much nastier, because I get really pissed when bad food has a high price tag. Seems like two slaps across the culinary face, instead of one.


    • Erik says:

      I agree, my score probably is a bit too high. it really was a well-crafted burger despite the high price and awful fries. I think compared to my other reviews it should be somewhere in the low 70’s. would it be a foul to revise my score after the fact?

      by the way I think your review is perfect.

      • Joseph Alexander says:

        For me, I admire people who adjust their judgment after some reflection. I interpret that, and I think many do as well, as “thoughtful”.

        On another note: the next burger I’m excited to try is at Fat Choy when it opens next week….the Fat Choy Burger….1/2 pound angus, plus shortribs, and fried egg.

        With a side of Crestor (that I will bring myself).

  2. Joseph Alexander says:

    What a great burger!
    A contender for the best burger in Vegas, along with Barrymore and Holsteins and Burger Bar….and once upon a time, Bradley Ogden.

    Fat Choy burger:
    $10. decadent, succulent, magnificent….(running out of words ending in “ent”)
    Only complaint: the fries. Boring. Limp. Ordinary next to an extraordinary burger. So many chefs don’t know how to make good fries.

    Pornograhic food….I feel like a degenerate. Proud but base.

    My yelp review is effusive.
    Apologies, but the delicious animal fat is clogging my brain.


  3. Susan says:

    The food was absolutely delicious!!! Best Milk Shake I have every tasted.
    Who would have ever thought the day would come when I would pay $16.00 for a hamburger sandwich? Fries, onion rings, drinks all extra. Over $100.00 for four hamburger sandwiches, 1 side of fries, 1 side of onion rings, and three milk shakes, but we all enjoyed the hell out of everything!!!

    Are there any Burgr restaurants in California? Would love to see some out this way. Perhaps Calabasas, CA.

  4. Art says:

    I enjoyed my burGR. Service was great, and friendly (even though I only ordered a burGR).

    P.S. I really like your blog, but black on dark gray type can be difficult to read.

  5. B.C. Drain says:

    Just got back from this place. The service was terrible. One hour for a hamburger and fries. 16 bucks for a cheeseburger that was mediocre. I feel like an idiot. The Burger House in Dallas has the best cheeseburger in the U.S. PERIOD. Buyer beware.

  6. Vice says:

    I thought it was overpriced and overhyped and the fries were a disaster.
    My burger was average at best a rather smallish for $16

    Did I mention a soft drink was $4?

  7. Charlie says:

    I’m a huge fan of Gordan and every show he has. So I finally went to try his Burgr spot. Sad to say. Horrible service. Waited to be seated for more the 40 minutes. As we watched more than 15 tables open. Finally get seated and we ordered our food quickly cause of the long wait. Asked for fries a head of time. Finished both of our drinks and watched as all the fries stood under the heater for more than 30 minutes. Finally we get our fries after asking for them again and they were so so stale. Very bad. I was already annoyed and didn’t address it. So our burger comes 10 minutes later and I have no utensils and no napkins. It was a shitty wait, bad fries, horrible service, and burger was alright. It’s sad to know how much of a fan I am thinking I’ll have decency for everything but no. Needs a lot of work.

  8. Marni says:

    I was excited to go to the restaurant as I am a big fan of Gordon Ramsay, unfortunately my first impression was the poor communication and service from the girls seating customers. Some customers had long waits, while some new arrivals were seated immediately. They seemed bored and just wanted to chat with each other. Our waiter was personable and made the visit enjoyable. I was disappointed that my burgr was raw in the middle, it still tasted wonderful. My party ordered both types of fries and they were excellent. We enjoyed sampling different beer and our waiter was knowledgeable. If this was a restaurant Ramsay was helping he would have told them they had some work to do, the greeters should be warm and inviting, and serving a customer a raw hamburger patties is never ok.

  9. Marni says:

    Our waiter’s name was Ryan, he needs a raise… Maybe take it from the salary of the greeters.

  10. elisa says:

    Went with a friend.Had a burger (nice but nothing special), truffled fries, cheese jalapenos and tap water.
    Something made us both very sick as we started having bad stomach cramps, nausea and bloating almost straight after leaving the restaurant. The symptoms persisted for several days after. I don’t know whether it was food or lack of hygiene related.
    Of course we rang the restaurant straight away. They made us write a report and passed it to CCMSI (an insurance company) which did NOTHING for us rather than repeating that they carried out an investigation but no findings (although they refused to disclose the details of the investigation). We then tried to contact the restaurant to address our concerns but to this day the restaurant refuses to get in touch with us insisting that it’s CCMSI’s issue now. That’s how they “wash their hands”. They didn’t even offer to refund our meal. It was supposed to be a treat but…as it turned out…. we paid a lot of money…just to get sick!

  11. Steve says:

    Hi I’m going to vegas in September and was thinking of going to ramsey’s burgr could anyone tell me the average cost of beers spirits and cocktails thanks guys

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