Honey Salt

December 18th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

pretty burgerIt’s not very often any more that I’m excited to try a new burger in town, and when I do I really have to make a conscious effort to not set myself up for disappointment. Honey Salt recently opened in Summerlin, and as an overall foodie I’ve been very excited to try this new spot. While I didn’t make it there too often, I always enjoyed Nora’s that used to be in the space, both the menu and farm-to-table concept of its replacement gave me much hope. So after impatiently waiting a few weeks to let the crowds die down I finally ventured in there for dinner one night (and ran into foodie friend Splurgemonkey). Did it disappoint?

dark but niceThe space itself doesn’t look too different from what I can remember; the exposed kitchen is still on display for you to enjoy all the madness that goes on with food prep. There is a large faux brick feature wall with the Honey Salt logo, and some nice, simple decorations on the walls. The room is quite loud even not at full capacity, but at our small table for two it was cozy enough that we didn’t have much of a problem. There are several menus depending on the time of day which I won’t bother replicating here. The food is all regionally grown, and you can tell by the menu offerings and quality of food you receive that they pay attention to what they’re putting in their dishes. I’ve heard many positive comments through friends and online about their meals, and really wish I could have had a bit more than the burger, but that’s what I do and I was still expecting something great to come out.

thin but cooked rightWhat did come out was one perfectly crafted burger, but had absolutely no stand out flavors whatsoever. The meat was really great quality; it was cooked perfectly to the medium rare I ordered, but had no strong beef flavor, no char flavor, no seasoning, nothing. The $1 optional egg on top added very little, as did the lettuce and tomato even though they were all of very good quality. The butter pickles were the only strong and good flavor I noticed in there. Even the bun, which had a good sweet smell to it, had almost nothing going on. This could easily become the perfect burger if it had a secret sauce or just the right additional ingredient. All the other food we had that night was so flavorful and delicious, this should have been too. My girlfriend’s steak had great seasoning, and some fantastic sauces with it; why did that beef get a different treatment than this one? In fact, adding the roasted Anaheim salsa that comes with the filet or even the potato bacon hash to the burger would make it incredible, but I shouldn’t have to order a side of either to make their offering better.

The fries were fantastic; they were cooked crispy and consistent throughout. They had great flavor and were better than a lot I’ve had around town considering how unassuming they looked. I was very saddened by this burger; as I said everything else we ate that night was heavily seasoned, flavorful and delicious, but this burger was so plain and frustrating. For $15 I really couldn’t recommend it, that’s just far too much for a Summerlin location even considering the quality of ingredients. Our entire meal, which included two cocktails, an appetizer, two main dishes and a dessert, came to $115 with tip, which I found to be way too much for an off-strip location. I usually skip dessert when I’m out so this is a bit odd, but my girlfriend skipped getting any sides with her meal which would have easily increased our total even with subtracting the cheap-ish dessert. Some of the other dinners I saw around our table looked great, although maybe a bit small in portion size given the cost. If you’re looking for strictly burger advice here, I can’t recommend Honey Salt at this time, and would rather send you across the street to Flemings.

Overall score: 72

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