English’s Quintessentially British (CLOSED)

December 24th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

look at all the tomato!I kind of hate going to completely unplanned restaurants and getting a burger; I think I’ve been around town long enough as the ‘Burger Blogger’ to have heard most of the places that people think I need to try, so when an opportunity to eat at English’s Quintessentially British came up I was quite skeptical. The burger picture on their website actually looked decent, not like I would want to judge anything based on photo alone, but I did become slightly more optimistic. But as all us locals hopefully know by now, there really isn’t any good food options at Town Square other than Meatball Spot. And to ruin the surprise, this meal didn’t change that.

As the name should tell you, English’s is a slightly modern take on British food. The menu certainly isn’t short on holding up that promise. Although there are some more common dishes surely to appease the common folks that will end up here, it’s chock full of items like cottage pie, fish & chips, Cornish pastry and plenty of others. The interior doesn’t really speak to the menu theme; as it is fairly clean and minimal. I sat on the patio during my visit, which has a slightly cluttered layout of tables overlooking the park below. Luckily it was quiet and kind of cool on the day of my visit; I can imagine this being very noisy during the summer with its proximity to the children’s area.

pretty raw!Their burger is made with an 8oz hand formed patty, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato and cheddar cheese. The patty is small and thick just like a homemade one would be when it shrinks unexpectedly on a grill. The beef had just ok flavor; it didn’t seem like the best quality, and was cooked almost too much below the medium-rare I ordered. The onions were good, the cheese was non-existent. They gave me lots of tomato, maybe too much. The bun was just ok as well; it looked way better than it tasted with its grill marks and all, but was not well-proportioned to the meat as I had a lot left over. Overall this was nothing that flavorful or good, just a slightly sub-par burger that seemed like it was cooked in your neighbor’s back yard.

Instead of chips I had to get fries; they were really great actually, thick, salted, cooked well and very flavorful. It’s not very often that a restaurant completely misses on a burger but actually gets the fries mostly right. Regardless, this is a burger meal you can go ahead and skip; $14 for iffy meat and a less than perfect burger off the strip is far too much. If you’re in Town Square and are looking for a burger I might suggest Tommy Bahama’s instead. Otherwise, there really isn’t much to eat in this area.

Overall score: 63

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