Biscuits 2 Burgers

December 3rd, 2012 by Erik Chudy

that's a lot of lettuce!After discovering that Carlos’ Kitchen closed the day before I got there, I scrambled to find somewhere else close by to get a burger recently. I remembered that a workout friend told me about a new place near our gym called Biscuits 2 Burgers so I thought I’d seek it out. They pretty much don’t exist online still; no official website, no Yelp page, so I started driving west on Tropicana until I found it. Despite all of this, was my experience encouraging enough to keep this place around?

a little emptyThe restaurant is in a fairly new strip of retail on Tropicana and Grand Canyon, a lot of the spaces are still empty and this whole area is kind of quiet. Biscuits has a temporary (?) vinyl sign above the door that doesn’t stand out too much; I can only hope they replace it with something better if they plan on sticking around. The interior is very open and clean with a large number of 2- and 4-top tables, as well as a high counter facing the kitchen area. The tagline on their menu is ‘your neighborhood café’, and it definitely had that feel during my visit; everyone knew the chefs while I was in there and they were all discussing each other’s family members and things.

my bun is disintegrating!The menu is pretty small; one small page of breakfast items, and a handful of burgers and sandwiches. In an attempt to order something a bit neutral, I ignored the pastrami-topped burger, Philly burger and Hawaiian burger and went with a California burger with avocado, tomato and cheddar. There’s also a note on the menu that ‘all sandwiches are served with choice of chips or macaroni salad’, but I was given the choice of skinny or fat fries which relieved me a bit. The burger had great quality meat; it was very flavorful and cooked close to medium rare. The bun was grilled and tasty, kind of the off-the-shelf backyard BBQ variety, and a bit too thin for this burger as it split into a few pieces about halfway through. The avocado was good, but do three slices of avocado turn a cheeseburger into a California burger? I guess so. The LTO were all decent, a bit too much lettuce maybe but that’s easily remedied.

The fries were of the very generic frozen variety, but they were cooked very much to my liking of done to a bit over done so I was ok with them. Overall this was not bad at all, and certainly way better than Great Links which supposedly won some best burger contest in town. The place is cute; I hope it can have some staying power in a fairly empty retail development with poor signage and no advertising that I know of. It was also a good value for the money; my meal came to a fairly reasonable $9.19 with an iced tea. If you’re in the neighborhood definitely come by to support these guys, I don’t know if it would make it onto any of my must-have lists, but they get my approval.

Overall score: 81

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