Upper Deck Grill and Sports Lounge (CLOSED)

November 26th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

another plain setupThere are many best of burger lists popping up on Yelp and other sites around town, and everyone is trying to interject their secret unknown spot to be included on the list. That’s how I came across Upper Deck Grill and Sports Lounge, and it seems like people are really starting to fetch for a unique location to be included. I love places like the Dispensary Lounge, Badger Café and other off-strip locations, and get a little hesitant when they start entering tourist areas, so you can imagine my hesitation with walking into a golf center.

bad picture, decent viewThe lounge is in a loud, weird open space with a decent view of the golf course. There weren’t too many people in there when I was there, but it still had the constant drone of chatter. The service sucked right off the bat. I didn’t feel like sitting at the bar so I sat at a high top near the bar. This seemed to annoy the bartender as she had to come out to me while the other waitress chatted with customers and pretty much ignored me. I ordered an iced tea and she walked by several times before bringing it, and then took another 5 min before taking my order. I guess she thought I might be waiting for another person, but only brought one menu to my table so who knows. There was a weird mix of clientele from golfers, to random old people that clearly weren’t golfing, to two guys discussing a poker blog next to me. The table of 4 old people waited for maybe 10 min before being brought menus, and had to walk over to the bar to get napkins when their food came out. Note that there were only a handful of tables full at this time.

looks decentThe menu is quite large with all sorts of typical bar fare that I’m sure are nothing too notable being that no one has ever mentioned this place. The burgers start at $7.70 and include a number of free sauces and toppings, and plenty of others for 50-75 cents each. My burger had decent char flavor; it was quality beef and cooked close to the medium-rare I ordered. It had a good buttery brioche bun, but it got very soggy on the back half because of the greasy patty. The LTO and pickles were fresh, crispy and good, and my Swiss cheese was melted well. Overall this was a very decent burger given its plain looks and strange setting.

The steak fries were decent, although some were a bit too soggy and some completely undercooked and inedible. They were seasoned with a typical fry seasoning and there was just enough for my burger. My meal came to a very reasonable $11.13 considering this is a touristy destination located right on the strip, as well as the decent quality. If you’re looking for something in the area I would probably go to Steiner’s down the street for a slightly better burger, but if you’re hanging out at the driving range you should definitely stop in on your way out. And by the way, this wouldn’t end up on any of my ‘best of’ lists unless you’re looking for the best burger at a golf course on the strip…

Overall score: 82

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