Great Links Hot Dogs & Grill

November 19th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

plain and boringI’m going to abandon my typically structured article and opening ‘cliffhanger’ paragraph and just skip right to it on this one: this sucked. Great Links’ website claims right on the main page that they were voted the best burger in Las Vegas (!!!!). Who were they up against? This is insane! I know everyone has their own opinions, including me, but out of the 70+ burger places I’ve eaten at in town I’d say 95% of them are better than this. Who the hell voted? What other places was this up against? Come on!

typicalThe restaurant interior is typical strip mall fare, with the griddle and deep fryers right in the open. The menu features hot dogs, sausages, burgers, sandwiches, fish…you name it. The key words to this menu are: frozen, premade, generic, and Boar’s Head. Think generic pre-packed sausages and dogs, frozen patties, frozen fries… Sitting at the counter by the griddle I witnessed them pulling their sausages out of Boar’s Head packages, frozen patties thrown right on the griddle, generic frozen crinkle cut fries dumped right out of their plain grocery store bags into a measuring bowl and into the fryer. While sitting near the griddle the only ‘fresh’ items I noticed were the pre-cut veggies they were pulling out of the fridge to throw on the griddle.

lots of cheese and nothing elseMy frozen burger patty was dropped right on the grill to be overcooked with everything else on there. The meat was very generic, not that flavorful, and definitely not the winner of any ‘best of’ contest I can think of. There was a huge piece of tough, thick lettuce on the burger, a small amount of mushrooms I could barely taste, well-melted swiss cheese and a couple of thin tomato slices. The bun was grilled well, but extremely plain and non-existent. Nothing about this burger stood out, other than the fact I could find it in any backyard bbq or at an overpriced crappy food stand at any sports event.

The thin, overcooked generic fries were exactly that. I can’t stress how ridiculously typical this meal was; I would give it a fairly negative review just on all that, but combine it with the ‘best burger’ claim and it infuriates me. To top it off my meal came to $13.26, which is equal to or more than plenty of other fantastic burgers I’ve eaten all around town that are definitely worthy of some best burger claims in many categories. I can’t recommend paying to eat anything here because you could purchase pretty much the same ingredients at any grocery store and do what they do in your backyard. Argh.

Overall score: 55

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