Fat Boy Restaurant

November 12th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

have I seen this before?To be filed in the ‘shady part of town’ category, I recently visited Fat Boy Restaurant in the north east part of town. You can thank me now; I risked life and limb to increase my cholesterol level and try one more burger for you all to read about. I came across Fat Boy in a recent Yelp post about burgers along with a few other oddball places that are high on my list to try. It’s not very often that I drive into the depths of North Las Vegas for anything, let alone a burger, so this better have been worth it. Was it?

cozyThe restaurant itself is small, with only 6 tables and a counter that separates the dining area from the twice as big kitchen area behind it. Do not expect anything fancy when coming here, but I doubt you would after what you’ve just driven through to get there or by opening your eyes and looking at the half-deserted strip mall it resides in. The owners decided to play off the word ‘boy’ in their menu, which is in everything from their boyrritos (burritos) to boygers (burgers). The menu also has wings, pizza, Philly cheese steaks, and almost anything else you can think of.

definitely seen this beforeI thought I would keep it fairly simple and ordered the double Boyger meal, complete with everything: mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, relish and mustard. Now it may be the relish talking, but if there was a contest to replicate the Fatburger burger this would win hands down. The patties had great beef flavor, not quite as peppery and crispy as a Fatburger would be, but still very good. The bun was a bit thin but grilled nice and crispy, and proportioned perfectly. The toppings were all fresh, well-proportioned and complemented each other, a lot like a Fatburger would be with everything on it. Overall this was a surprise meal based on my surroundings and the loud Mexican accordion music playing in the background.

My fat fries were good; seasoned with something I couldn’t quite identify, probably a typical fry seasoning. They were mostly cooked well, with a couple slightly soggy ones as often happens with fat fries. The portion wasn’t that big, probably the only downside to the meal. The price for a combo meal comes in at $6.98, which is probably half of what it would have cost for the same thing at Fatburger. If you love that exact flavor and are willing to take a drive then definitely come check this place out. If you’ve had enough of Fatburger and don’t need to try the same thing, or just don’t want to risk getting carjacked, you may want to avoid Fat Boy.

Overall score: 78

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  1. samantha Q. says:

    Well,, what can I say,fatboy is the best burger restaurant so far invented in vegas I had tried every item on there menue n everything was cook to perfection n there prices r eben better n there location its not bad at all north las vegas its always been know by been the worst but that was back in the 80’s I lived here for 20 yrs n so far so good plus where ever u go this days its dangerous,lets be unest Fatboy is the BESTand the staff very very nice n clean n they call u by ur name not a number

  2. Bill and Libby says:

    Clean, fresh food, fine taste. My kind of burger cooked the way I like it. This is a great spot. What you want on it and some fine fries with it. I find this place consistant with their presentations.


  3. I just moved to Las Vegas, been here for less than a week. Found Fat Boys by accident. I noticed that he made a Philly Cheesesteak, It was pretty good! I also noticed that there were all kinds of customers in this little place! it was like a multi~culteral event! The Hispanics were there the African Americans were in there and the duds sitting near me were ordering french fries again and again. But what really caught my attention was the personal service, For example, when one guy asked for his burger to be cut into bites, because he has braces on his teeth, the server gladly cut the food for the customer. The place was packed, not one seat available during my visit; however, when I got up to leave, the cook took the time to say, “Goodbye, Brian, thank you!”

  4. Pamela Kelly says:

    This is the best burger joint in town. Now to correct some of the misinformation… You will NOT get carjacked at this location. It’s not a bad area at the corner of Stewart and Lamb. And it is NOT in North Las Vegas. It’s on the east side. Obviously you don’t know Vegas very well.

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