Crown & Anchor British Pub

October 19th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

looks kinda plainI’ve heard about it for years, but I somehow never made it to the Crown & Anchor British Pub until a couple weeks ago. It’s always high on a lot my friend’s lists of dive bars along with Frankie’s Tiki Room, the Double Down, etc, but those recommendations are typically more for drinks and overall ambiance than food. This is why I was particularly skeptical about this one, even with a few friends swearing by it. Needless to say, I ate it and was more than surprised.

dark pubThe pub is located on the east side of Tropicana in an iffy area of town, but you’re not coming here for the class. The interior is decked out with British-inspired street signs, posters of boats and the like, with the waitresses wearing skimpy kilt outfits. There’s also an outdoor patio which I’ve heard is dog friendly. I was fully expecting an overly loud, smoky bar scene that would have made eating a bit unsavory, but it was surprisingly quiet on the Saturday night we were there. The menu features all sorts of traditional British dishes that I’ve heard are hard to find at other locations around town. This is all good, but I only really care about burgers for the sake of this review so I’ll have to try some of that other wacky stuff on my next visit.

thin but tastyThe British Burger on their menu comes with a ½ pound patty, bacon, lettuce and tomato and choice of a few cheeses. My burger had great char flavor upon first bite, which carried all the way through. It was cooked a bit more than medium-rare but I was ok with it due to the overall great flavor. It was greasy for the first half, dried up a bit in the second half but was still ok because of the flavor. My bacon wasn’t quite as cooked as I would have liked, but it still had decent flavor. The thin onions were good but I still pulled them off as to not overpower the great flavor I was experiencing. The lettuce and tomato were fresh, although the tomato was a little sparse, and the swiss cheese was melted and good as well. The bun was soft, gooey and delicious, and was very well proportioned to meat. Overall this was an excellent burger that I wasn’t expecting at all.

While I typically don’t care for them, my steak fries were actually really good; they were cooked well for the most part but there were a few soggy ones in there.  My side pickle slices were good too; they never made it onto my burger but I still ate them. At $9.25 with fries this is very reasonably priced; combine that with a beer or three and you’re in for a good time. If you’re looking for a unique local pub with plenty of drink and food options definitely stop by the Crown & Anchor.

Overall score: 88

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  1. Michael Johnson says:

    I am a manager at the place (spring mountain) and most know me as Scooter. Just want to add if I can that I have gotten the owner to go to CAB meat for the burger and the Sunday Roast since late 2010. Good, fair handed review. Even TGIFridays (for whom I worked) never did everything properly. I hope others follow your reviews with the even hand you showed us. He He when you say they are horrible I go to them just to see if they are indeed that bad. Sometimes don’t even stay 🙂

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