August 6th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

looks goodI feel like I’m so out of touch with ‘the’ places to try lately, I’m not fully in the food scene in town, but instead get recommendations occasionally from readers or inspiration from articles in the Weekly or something. Such is the case with Wildburger; I read an article by my buddy Jim Begley in the Weekly and thought I should try it out for myself. I think Jim’s writing as well as many of the other reviewers is great, but are almost always positive so I was curious to see for myself. How did it fare?

nothing specialThere are a couple Wildburger locations in town, all within the local’s Wildfire Casinos spots. I had never been into one of these casinos before, and walked into what I was expecting; the lovely smell of stale cigarette worse than most regular casinos I’ve been in and barely decorated like a bad version of an old downtown casino. I thought we were the youngest people in the entire building until we saw the two employees working in the restaurant. The restaurant looked like a typical Stations buffet, with a sparse interior and a vague definition between the casino and dining space. The menu has items such as wings, sandwiches, and desserts, but as usual I’m here for one thing. And I must note, the word ‘signature’ is their favorite word on the menu and somewhat ridiculous; signature sauce, signature ketchup, signature fries, signature slaw…too much!

at least it's cooked rightI ordered their Wildburger: 1/2 lb charbroiled Angus beef patty topped with Tillamook cheddar cheese, on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato and (LOL) signature slaw. A large burger arrived at my table and looked better than I had anticipated based on my surroundings. The meat had good flavor, and was cooked perfectly. My brioche bun was very buttery at spots, stood out in some bites more than others for some reason, and was well proportioned to the meat. This ended up being an extremely messy burger because of the slaw dripping everywhere. I didn’t really get the honey mustard flavor out of it but it was good. There were tons of onions that I pulled off to ensure I could taste everything else, the thick tomatoes were good, and the pickles were also good. Overall this was a decent burger, nothing out of this world but a good assembly overall.

messy!The fries were decent as well, seasoned and cooked right, with ok flavor and not as much oily flavor as I’ve been getting lately. As a whole this was a slightly above average meal, and the $7.99 price tag is very reasonable for what you get. But when you factor in the location, which I’m sure almost any of my readers would never venture into, I don’t know if I’d bother recommending this meal. I’m contradicting myself here a bit, but with so many choices around Vegas this one could miss the ‘must have’ burger list in town and no one would miss anything.

Overall score: 78

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