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August 6th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

what's hiding under there?In the spirit of getting back to my original burger ‘to-do’ list from way back, I finally ventured over to Rambo’s Kitchen last week to see what they have to offer. It was on a Vegas top 10 burger list I read a while back but was located in a part of town I rarely went through, but that’s not an excuse any more. What has been an excuse for some time though, are the very polarizing comments and responses on their Yelp page. It seems that they’ve had some issues with customer service from time to time, and instead of just apologizing, their representative on the site tends to be a bit too defensive in his responses. This all made me a little hesitant, but finally decided to evaluate for myself. How did it go?

lots to look at!Rambo’s is located in your typical Vegas neighborhood strip mall, but the interior is pretty unique. Much like the Metro Pizza on Decatur and Flamingo reminds me of the 80’s Saved by the Bell diner, this place is fully decked out in 60’s theme with posters, surf boards, books about the 60’s, tie dye, etc. There’s even a TV with all sorts of 60’s-era commercials playing on it, and music playing throughout the restaurant from that period. I brought this place up to my girlfriend a couple months ago, but after looking at their menu she nixed the idea as we’re trying to eat healthier and there isn’t much on that front to choose from, although there is quite a bit. They offer a few burger choices; the one I initially went in for is the self-titled Rambo Burger: 1/2 lb burger stuffed with a special combo of cheeses and topped with a stack of pulled pork, bbq sauce, topped with an onion ring on a toasted bun, but after contemplating it I just didn’t have the appetite for such a thing on this visit. Instead I went with the waitress’ other recommendation, the cheesy cheese burger: 1/2 lb burger stuffed & topped with a combo of cheeses and topped with bacon, lettuce and tomato.

deceiving cheeseWhat was brought to me was a bit less that groovy. Sorry, had to. The meat didn’t have much flavor, the cheese that was supposedly stuffed in there wasn’t noticeable, but there were lots of what I think to be fat chunks. It was also very dry by the end, and I ate pretty quickly. The bun was a bit too big for the meat, but good, buttery, fresh and sweet. There was way too much lettuce and I had to pull some off. The cheese was melted and good, but I don’t know about ‘cheesy cheese’, just kind of a regular cheeseburger. The bacon flavorful, but some of it was not cooked enough and it was a bit chewy. Yes I chickened out on ordering their signature burger, but if this is a sign of how that might be, I question why this was on a top 10 list I read in the past.

The fries on the other hand were very fresh and great at first, but got a little oily near the end. Still they were decent, of the natural cut variety. My pickle slice was a bit small, but hardly a deal breaker. The additional side option seemed a little excessive, I went with a pasta salad as it seemed like a good idea, but just ended up being a bit too much food. The piece of bazooka gum with my bill was a nice touch though. The final price of $14.46 is about normal for a local spot with a ‘fancier’ burger, but I can’t say I’d spend that again. I’m sure Rambo’s offers plenty of tasty options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but based on my meal I can’t really stand by the burger.

Overall score: 68

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  1. Rambo says:

    Thanks for the visit! You were right …. I did some investigating when you commented on the cheese of your burger….my newest prep cook, well he is was making our signature cheesy burgers with 1/2 the portion of cheese!!! We caught the mistake and since we use 2 cheeses he misunderstood the portioning was to be for each cheese not the 2 cheeses combined…. so accept our apology for the unfortunate shortage of the cheese….. thank you for bringing it up…. and alerting us. It is unfortunate it happened to you or any of our customers especially since he was only on his first week of employment… but thus we caught the error in time! Hope you will visit us again! We are always working so hard each day to perfect our recipes and being just over 2 years old consider us still in the growth stages of our brand and will always continue to reach for the ultimate perfection of our food and service! Happy Burger hunting…. hope you will pop on in again soon!
    Rambo & Staff

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