KGB (a revisit)

August 27th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

wide plateEven though I have about two dozen places on my to-do list, once in a while I need to revisit a previously reviewed location due to either reader feedback or in the case of KGB, the lack of pictures and just a downright awful first review. So it was with great hesitation that I ventured back to Harrah’s last week to see if Kerry would be any better to me this time around. Was he?

pretty coolI won’t speak much to Harrah’s as it’s outdated, smelly and attracts some not so savory patrons. The restaurant is fairly cool, almost a slightly more modern version of Burger Bar or something. One gripe I had last time, and I still maintain after my latest visit, is that the music is completely loud and annoying. There are a few different seating areas, luckily this time I was seated in the main area closest to the kitchen which is a bit more inviting. The menu seems to have changed since my last visit, as they now offer a few predesigned burgers and is a welcome sight.

too much lettuceWith some advice from the waiter I went with the BBQ Bacon Burger: all natural beef patty, homemade BBQ sauce, applewood bacon, lettuce, smoked gouda and crispy onions on an onion roll. Once again I will initially say that it was way too big; too tall, too wide and just a giant mass of stuff. The meat had a not-so-great flavor although it was cooked to order. It was super bloody at first but dried out far too quickly, and I found myself searching for the inconsistently placed BBQ sauce throughout the last half of the burger for some relief from the dryness. The onion strings had ok flavor on their own, but even with giant piles of them on the burger they seemed lost. The bun was fresh but flavorless. And just like last time there was way too much lettuce. Overall this was just not a good burger; little flavor, dry and way too big.

Just like the burger, the fries didn’t have great flavor and were totally cold on arrival. They were just your typical generic fry with almost no seasoning and no creativity whatsoever. $15 for just the burger is absolutely way too much, and the $24.27 I paid with my iced tea and tip is about $20 more than this meal was worth. While I gave my first meal here a score in the high 70’s, I’m going even lower this time now that I have plenty to compare it to. Harrah’s as a Las Vegas property isn’t really worth visiting as it is, and this is one burger that’s definitely not worth going out of your way for.

Overall score: 58

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