August 27th, 2012 by Erik Chudy

cafeteria meal?I’ve had more than a few people recommend Fuddruckers since I’ve started my blog, but I somehow always forget about it when I’m trying to figure out where to eat. When craving for a burger the other day my girlfriend mentioned it and it sounded like a good idea at the time. This review could very well mark the first time that I planned a revisit before I even left the building, and not because it was so good I knew I had to go back for more. Why did that happen?

eek!Fuddruckers has two locations in the Valley; I went to the one in the south west side of town located in your average shopping area by a Target, Sears and other typical crap. The interior is kind of country kitchen meets a Hawaiian theme or something; it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and is nothing fancy or great. Also, most of the patrons reminded me of the folks I spotted the last time I visited Farmer Boys; think your average Wal-Mart customer. The menu offers a few different sized regular burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads and other things, but the items that are going to draw me back are the ‘exotic’ burgers made with either elk, buffalo or wild boar. More on that in a bit.

dry and boringI went with the 1/2lb Original which comes with 100% USDA all-American, premium cut beef with a sesame bun with a variety of toppings available in the self-serve bar. This self-service bar is a scary, buffet-style presentation of wilted lettuce of the large slice and shredded variety, sliced tomatoes, peppers, onions and a few other items. There is also a sauce ‘island’ with ketchup, mustard, cheese sauces and a few other selections. I decided to keep it very simple and went with just lettuce and tomato so I could sample exactly what I was given. This was probably a mistake. The meat had bad flavor, was overcooked and dry. The thick bun was also dry and didn’t have great flavor. The cheese, lettuce and tomato were all just ok, and didn’t do anything to improve my burger. This burger sucked; I quickly realized that the draw could be the wild game burgers and I suddenly wanted to come back and try one despite the mess that was sitting in my hand. Mind you, this probably won’t happen any time soon.

sauce islandThe fries also completely sucked; they were dry, generic and just not that good. They had some seasoning but it really did nothing to help the flavor, nor did the variety of sauces that I tried. From the outside I thought for the longest time that this was a slightly ‘fancier’ sit down restaurant similar to a Red Robin or something, I had no idea it was more or less a fast food restaurant that just served terrible food. Our meal came to $24.41 which is far too much for a crappy fast food meal for two. I will be going back at some point to check out their ‘exotic’ meat, but despite what so many of my readers have said, I would recommend staying away from here.

Overall score: 59

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  1. 954BurgerBoi says:

    Could not agree with you more! I had fond memories of this place as a kid, but upon my revisit noticed the quality has gone way down hill. It was gross!!!

  2. Bugsy says:

    I have visited this location numerous times and seldom have experienced the issues you complained about. Maybe they had an off night? As for you being scared of being able to put on your own toppings to the amount and selection you desire – clearly you need to stick to McDonalds or Jack In the Box where someone makes the decisions for you. As for spending $24. for two, I guess you opted to pay them to add the fixings to your meals for which you paid them for the minor work they did. I recently took 5 friends there where I ordered 2 kids meals, and 3, 1/3 burger meals with fries and 1 without for a total of $42 {for all six meals}. At least give them a second chance and pay closer attention to your ordering options before trashing this or any restaurant.

    • Erik Chudy says:

      You clearly misunderstood my comments… I was scared of the self-serve toppings bar because of germs, the less-than-savory patrons touching these items (maybe yourself?), and how gross the veggies looked sitting there by late afternoon. You also clearly misunderstand the point of this blog, which doesn’t include reviewing or eating at places like McDonald’s or Jack in the Box as you suggest. I’m not a fucking moron, I know how to assemble my own burger if I want to, but I typically frequent restaurants in every part of this city where they include toppings on their burgers without having to pay insane prices for such a luxury as you seem to think this is. Is a concept like this saved for either shitty fast food restaurants or something exotic? Having the lovely folks behind the counter assemble toppings for me doesn’t seem to be an option on the menu, is there a secret to the menu I don’t know about? And one last thing since you don’t seem to believe me on the cost, here’s a basic math lesson for you: the 1/2lb burger meal with fries and drink costs $10.59, if you order two of those it totals $21.18 before tax and any other options. Does this make a little more sense now? Your logic of spending not much more than me for 6 total meals doesn’t really help any argument you may have if two of those meals were $3.99 each, but I really don’t care what you think I spent because the math is what it is and I have the receipt in front of me. Please pay closer attention to your logic, match, and moronic comments before trashing my reviews that are my own opinion and no one else’s, or maybe you shouldn’t read my site any more.

      • Bugsy says:

        I not only will not review your site in the future, I will not recommend it to anyone else, since you are entitled to ONLY you opinion. I never reverted to calling you names like moron – but I will now: you are a self appointed jackass you thinks and acts like he is an expert. Your Opinion is only your Opinion and other people are entitled to theirs. Happy???

        • Erik Chudy says:

          Quite happy, thanks John. You certainly provided me with quite a few items I could comment on, but I’ll limit myself. While you didn’t specifically call me any names in your previous post, you most certainly insinuated that I’m stupid by suggesting I can’t handle my own toppings so you shouldn’t be surprised if I dished any attitude back at you. In addition, I never claimed to be an expert by any means, I’m just an asshole that really likes burgers enough to share my opinion with anyone interested in reading it. My website has no rules because it is MINE. Everyone is absolutely entitled to their own opinion, and I welcome them to share it with me if they see fit, but when it comes down to it this site is about me and what I have to say, not what you or anyone else thinks. I encourage all of my readers to provide feedback if they agree or disagree as I truly love the dialogue, but when I receive criticism that holds absolutely no ground I will see right through it and provide a response. Thanks.

  3. VegasChris says:

    Can I hire this moron to certify me as a self-appointed Jackass?

  4. VegasDJ says:

    Fuddrucker’s used to be pretty good, so I was excited to see this blog come up in my search for the best burgers in Las Vegas. It wasn’t ever awesome, and the ordering process was always kind of… weird, but I was disappointed to read that it’s that bad now. Then again, the last time I ate at one was almost 30 years ago, and it was in my hometown of Pasadena, California.

    At any rate, thanks for saving me a trip across town.

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